Why Faux Plants for Trading in 2021

Why Faux Plants for Trading in 2021?

Faux plants, also known as artificial plants, are made of plastics or fabrics such as silk and polyesters. The reason why such kind of products have a large market share in residential and commercial usage is that they can contribute to the beauty inside and outside for a long-term whiling requesting little maintenance and sustaining in almost any weather condition. So, you must be curious, what is the artificial plant trend in 2021? Which product has potential to be the “big star”? Let’s move forward.

Why faux plants for trading in 2021?

Continuous demand

The demand for artificial plants has increased drastically over last few years in both residential and commercial sector. According to Reportlinker.com, The global artificial flowers market is expected to grow from USD 7,635.21 Million in 2019 to USD 8,786.36 Million by the end of 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.36%.

artificial plant google trend in past 5 years

In 2020, COVID-19 has changed the world shopping behavior. According to research, under the special epidemic conditions, consumers’ behaviors have undergone significant changes, manifested by these characteristics: turning online, paying more attention to health and safety, back to basics and values, etc. However, we can see from the picture above (source: Google Trend) the demand for faux plants still remains strong.

Popular all over the world

artificial plant interest by region - google trendAbove is the picture about the interest of artificial plants by regions (according to Google Trend). These regions have the highest search interest: United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, and United Arab Emirates. Although not all countries listed, it can still reflect the global heated topic of artificial greenery. The popularity of artificial plants runs across almost all continents. Based on the interesting trend in the past five years, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America are the main areas for development prospects of the simulation plant industry. So, when choosing them for trading, you have a quite large opportunity and market to explore.

Multiple Distribution channel

On the whole, we divide the global faux plant market into offline and online distribution channels. When referring to online distribution, it tends to mean company official websites or e-commerce platform, etc. While regarding offline channels, it often refers to stores or shopping center. When making up your mind to do business in this field, you should choose which role you want to play.

Companies: The rapid development of the Internet has attracted a number of companies, some of which can independently produce plants artificial.

Agency or dealer: some become agents or dealers of physical factories.

Online distributor or retailer:Without a doubt, this annual data shows this market still concentrates on online distribution, exceeding offline distribution methods. From some arguments, it is because offline stores may also source simulated plants and flowers online.

Popular among the millennial

The millennial has already grown up and will take up a large part of the market. They have been put on many labels such as under big competition and under big pressure; lack of time; pursing individuality and creativity. Fake plants are perfectly to the taste of millennial. They are of low maintenance, requiring no water, no sunshine and no soil, and are extremely suitable for those people lack of availability of time to caring them. They are easy to install and move, and won’t fade or decay. In a word, if you have the demand for “greenery” but you actually have no time to care them, the fake one is a good choice for you.

Any artificial plants recommendation for 2021?

We, Sunwing, as a leading artificial plant manufacturing in China, has devoted in these areas for several years. Below are our hot-selling products and we believe you will get some inspiration from them.

Artificial boxwood hedge

Retail or wholesale, indoor or outdoor, landscape or construction – boxwood hedging panels will elevate your product to a new level. Whether indoors or outdoors, it can play a full role in providing lush greenery and privacy. Whether it is simple or complex, Sunwing can cater to all your tastes and needs in light of the artificial box hedge.

artificial boxwood hedges

Artificial hanging plants

Fake hanging plants can save floor space, and protect the plants out of children or pets.  So, brighten up the lifeless space with artificial hanging plants is a popular way. Making the faux hanging plants spill out like a waterfall from the ceiling dramatically toward the floor is a great way that is suitable for porch, patio or public space decoration.

artificial hanging plant

In a word,we firmly believe that fake plant is going to have a bright future and is a good idea for trading in 2021.  if you want to learn more about Sunwing products, please feel free to contact us thru [email protected] for a free catalog, and we will answer any questions you have in time.

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