Trendy fake trees for landscaping in 2021

Although you can get natural plants easily online, most of the time, they, unfortunately, become dead plants. Regardless of that you are willing to or not, this happened normally. Fake plants(but not looks fake) like fake trees, fake potted plants, artificial vertical gardens, and more are samples and good solutions. They always keep the best appearance which means they never outgrow where they should be and the leaves will never fall down and fade. No matter the size, fake trees can work wonders for décor situations and there are some trendy types for different use and offer some inspiration ideas.

Hot fake trees, artificial plants in pot, faux foliage types in 2021

Taking space, design style, and specific application into consideration, we found some extremely hot types according to the result of the search trend.

Potted fake trees

First of all, potted fake trees, the big star among plants decor products, suits almost any occasion and never go die on you. One evident advantage of those potted trees is less position limit and ease to move which means they will work wonders in any corner of your room.


Artificial topiary plants

Dense, lush, and everlasting plants are shaped to interesting and geometric art-designed form. For example, adorable “green ball”, “spiral tree”, or even customize it based on your willingness.

Large decorative trees

Try to imagine a scene in the atrium of your office: Sunlight jump through the gaps between the prosperous branches and leaves of the towering trees to your eyes and the leaves gently sway with the wind.


Obviously, large decorative trees will bring an excellent green experience. And they allow you to feel the grandeur of large trees or the tranquility of a miniature forest. But at the same time, there are certain requirements for space, which are very compatible with large-scale projects.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Based on the valuepenguin’s survey of Christmas trees, in 2020, more than 63% of the United States population will choose artificial trees instead of natural ones. This is particularly prominent in the baby boomer generation, even nearly 80%.


These data are intended to show that the Christmas tree has a considerable market. And its functionality and special seasonal needs make it stand out among the large decorative trees.

Mini fake trees in pot

Miniature potted trees pop in interior decoration by their advantage of size. People prefer to put those cute nature on the office desk or living room table to switch the atmosphere of their space.


10+ best fake tree for decoration indoor&outdoor

Large Artificial Potted Traveler Banana Trees-The large dark green foliages are shiny and detachable. You can adjust the position and shape of the leaf by yourself. The natural trunk makes it highly realistic, enough to deceive people’s eyes.



Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Areca Palm-Whatever indoor or outdoor, get vertical with this fake palm tree which sticks with a simple pot and towers a high depending on your need.


Artificial Topiary Tree Boxwood Spiral-Fake topiary tree in the spiral shape is eye-attractive and special.


Fake Boxwood BallThese topiary balls full of creativity are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces as the foliage is UV-engineered and will stay fresh-looking for many years to come.


Boxwood potted tree-The conventional sphere design can meet most people’s decoration needs. And boxwood has always been popular and loved by the public.


Artificial Topiary Letters-They can become an icon or landmark in the region or even nationwide areas. Most importantly, topiary is an eco-friendly alternative to decorate any occasion or promote your company.


Artificial Snake Plant in Pot-Snake plant looks unique and modern in an interior environment with succinct black or white planter.



Fake trees indeed deserve attention both in the residential and commercial landscape. And we hope you guys have got some inspiration from this article.

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