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Trendy Design of Faux Green Wall for Restaurant

Have you considered using the faux green wall to make your restaurant unique? I believe you must have noticed that when customers choose a place to dine, the taste of the food is not the only thing that comes to mind. People also pay attention to service attitude, dining environment, restaurant theme, and so on. The restaurants that have become popular on social media all rock their brain in interior design. Actually, it is a cost-effective and interesting choice to integrate the faux green wall decor into the restaurant environment.

Large space faux green wall

-Obtain a peaceful and stylish atmosphere straightway

faux green wall application

Noisy surroundings may be annoying during meals because studies have shown that people are obviously more anxious when exposed to a high decibel environment than in a calm place. This does not help enjoy food, the good and memorable time with family and friends, and even worse, it affects appetite. As a result, a bad dining experience directly affects food and beverage sales and restaurant interests.

When I say creating a peaceful environment, I mean it. The artificial plant wall is a very effective sound insulation tool. The dense leaves will block the transmission of sound to a certain extent and “trap” it in them. Setting up a large area of artificial green walls in the restaurant, on the one hand, allows customers to feel the original natural surroundings, to achieve spiritual calmness. On the other hand, it also effectively reduces decibels and reduces noise in a practical sense.

Interior artificial dream garden wall

-Cost-effective and maintenance-free

The indoor plant wall has an excellent effect of creating a sense of space and visual impact, but it is obvious that planting real plants and designing and installing them at a high cost to meet living plants’ needs is not the best choice. For restaurant operators who are busy creating excellent taste experience and service, it isn’t easy to allocate more time and energy to caring for and maintaining the exquisite living wall. They also lack professional planting knowledge, which means embossing. More expenses are in hiring gardeners to take care of them regularly.


Unlike the pure natural living green wall, the faux living garden wall has no maintenance problems. The leaf is of 100% fresh PE material, which is not easy to fade while highly restoring real plants’ appearance, and it is effortless to install.

DIY faux green wall design

-Helping divide space easily

How to use the restaurant’s limited space to the maximum and rationally to ensure a comfortable experience for customers while increasing the number of people is really a science.

DIY Faux Green-wall

The clever use of faux plant walls to separate the space is both beautiful and practical. It is conceivable that if you wish to dine at the place and do not want to share too much space with strangers, you will want to be surrounded by these beautiful leaves; they will not bring you a sense of oppression and build a certain private space for you.

Of course, you can get the DIY simulation plant panel through customization to personalize your restaurant’s ecological environment.

Ceiling faux green plants wall

-Unexpected surprise


There are always dead corners in the interior that become a decorative problem. Pale ceilings, damp bathrooms, or dark recesses, and artificial plants are an excellent solution. Thanks to its material, you don’t worry about its decay or attract bugs to affect the restaurant’s hygiene. Even a very challenging surface like the ceiling can produce surprises and become a highlight of the restaurant.

Faux green wall for outdoor use

-High-quality UV proof material

The extended outdoor part of the restaurant is of great importance. People enjoy eating food or a drink in the outdoor space, accompanied by sunlight, fresh air, or night lights.

outdoor artificial green wall forrestaurant

Of course, the outdoor plant wall also adds a pleasant atmosphere. It separates the dining table from the adjacent road to prevent car exhaust or noise from destroying the dining environment. Besides, putting this product outdoors means temperature changes, direct sunlight, rain and snow weather, and other challenges. Taking these into account, Sunwing added SGS-certified anti-UV ingredients in the production process to maintain the long-lasting outdoor green.


A fake green wall is an interesting residential application option and a motive to make commercial buildings come alive. Sunwing has succeeded in various commercial projects, including restaurants, offices, hotels, reception areas, and shopping malls. Welcome to be part of our clients for your bespoke projects thru [email protected]

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