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Why do artificial green plants products now have a large share of the residential and commercial markets? Not only because that its real beauty contributes to the indoor and outdoor environment, but also it’s easy maintenance and strong suitability for various weather conditions, which save a lot of time and resetting costs. Compared with the …

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Why Faux Plants for Trading in 2021

Faux plants, also known as artificial plants, are made of plastics or fabrics such as silk and polyesters. The reason why such kind of products have a large market share in residential and commercial usage is that they can contribute to the beauty inside and outside for a long-term whiling requesting little maintenance and sustaining …

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The application range of artificial plants is super extensive, and people can freely place them in indoor and outdoor environments. Nowadays, faux plants for interior and exterior use are common, and you can commonly see them in commercial places, residential decoration, large-scale events, and other occasions. Its material characteristics are more adaptable to extreme weather …

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As we all know, the production technology and aesthetic standards of artificial greenery plants are improving daily, which extends its scope of applications greatly. Not only for the decoration of homes or workplaces but also for the creation of outdoor commercial landscapes, to a certain extent, it meets the growing demand and expanding consumer market. …

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2020 is undoubtedly a special and difficult year, both for individuals and all industries. The slowdown in world economic growth has also impacted the artificial trees industry, but it still maintains a relatively optimistic growth. Analysts believe that the artificial tree and plant market will further expand in the next few years.