Top Rated Outdoor Artificial Plants to Elevate Your Property

Top Rated Outdoor Artificial Plants to Elevate Your Property

Outdoor Artificial plants are prevailing all over the world these days. No matter you’re a property developer, a hotel or shopping mall owner, landscapers and architecture designers, or even a wholesaler/distributor looking for some hot-selling goods for properties, you will definitely love them.

Here is a list of several top-rated outdoor artificial plants for commercial and residential properties for your reference:

1. Artificial boxwood hedges for hotels or apartments

In the past, artificial potted trees or artificial flowers are the main streams for decorating hotels. Recently, artificial boxwood hedges have become a fast-emerging choice. They could help bring classy privacy to the pool decks or gardens and create a relaxed and cool atmosphere. They can enrich the outdoor structure and create an easy-going rest area or even a pool bar. What’s more, the specially treated materials can make the product not afraid of long-time sun exposure. So, you don’t need to worry about the color-fading in some years.

Artificial boxwood hedges for hotels

2.Artificial vertical garden for shopping malls

The landscape is always one of the top rating factors to attract customers to the shopping center. Beautiful landscape designing could increase the overall level of shopping mall decoration and contribute to the purchase of customers.

As you can see in the following picture, this UV resistant outdoor artificial plants, also called “artificial vertical gardens,” can help develop that creative setting with lower cost and time consumption. They can maintain their “freshness” the whole winter due to the weather tolerance specialty and long-lasting appeal.

Artificial vertical garden for shopping malls

3.Artificial hedges in planter for restaurants or bars

Nowadays, several restaurants or bars provide outdoor dining space for visitors to enjoy food in the sunshine or fresh air. So why not consider bringing some “green” to space?

Owing to the realistic design and UV stable foliage, artificial hedges in planters have become many owners’ choices. Firstly, compared with the real ones, artificial plants last longer, making considerable savings over time. Secondly, with movable and reusable planter, you can enjoy the instant greenery, freshness aside from unsightly area or providing instant privacy by screening off areas out of the public eye. What’s more, several outdoor artificial plants wholesalers provide such products, and they can provide customized ideas and solutions for you. Artificial hedges in planter for restaurants

(Image Source: hedgedin)

4. Artificial topiary balls for retail stores or bars

Artificial topiary balls with various styles are ideal for decorating many occasions, such as retail stores, local supermarkets, bars, or restaurants. The artificial topiary plants come in a range of styles and sizes. And in most cases, the foliage is UV-engineered and will stay fresh-looking for many years to come.

Artificial Topiary Balls for bars

5.Artificial ivy fence for garden or backyard

Many residential property owners are choosing artificial boxwood hedge or artificial ivy fence for their outdoor projects. Why?

Beauty: Tired of the rusted iron fence? Just dress up your space and beautifully transform your garden with realistic looking artificial ivy fences. They look vivid and can be used outdoors for longer periods of time
Privacy: they can be quickly installed to obstruct unsightly views and create a privacy barrier. For a perfect backyard, privacy is an indispensable factor.
Little maintenance: you can enjoy the beauty of live plants, but you don’t have to care them

Artificial ivy fence for garden

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