Top Quality Green Walls For Indoor and Outdoor Use

The recent trend of artificial green walls design for decor is becoming increasingly widespread as designers channel their inspiration to new creative heights. No longer limited to the ground underneath their feet and even any care, gardens are taking shape in a range of unique directions to show the vibrancy and elegant colors all year round.

The mature technology promotes the application range of the vertical garden gradually. Different material characteristics can help the plant wall adapt to various environments and better reflect the value. We explore the product catalog and recommend the top quality green plant walls for indoor and outdoor use because of the different indoor and outdoor conditions.

Recommend Outdoor Green Walls

The outdoor environment usually means the test of changeable climatic conditions, which require higher adaptability of decorative products. Taking the outdoor vertical garden products as an example, it is generally necessary to consider a series of direct sunlight, rain, and temperature changes that affect the product’s fading and damage.

Realistic 3D artificial green wall panel


When you want to decorate a large area of the wall, the cost of installing and maintaining real plants is often unacceptable. At this time, the green wall panel is a great alternative, saving budget and bringing effect no less than the natural one. Sunwing vertical wall panels come in a comprehensive combination of leaves and flowers to be deluxe. Ultimately, they present in high density with lush green foliage.  And for easy installation, each panel is 1 meter by 1 meter, transforming into an interlocking design that perfectly suits the large space wall’s décor.

Taking full account of the conditions for outdoor use , we add anti-UV materials during the production process to form a protective layer to cope with the challenge of irreversible damage by UV under direct sunlight.

UV protection artificial hedges report display

  • Application
  1. Instant backgrounds for logo, brand and lettering
  2. Decorating business events and exhibitions
  3. exterior landscaping
  4. Lush green coverings for restaurants, shopping malls, and a variety of stores
Faux hedges green wall

Under normal circumstances, the faux fence green wall panel size is 50cm*50cm, light and easy to install. You can use splicing to elegantly cover the target wall or railing, create a privacy-protecting screen, or enhance beauty. Whether it is to use the same product on a large area to maintain a sense of unity and harmony or freely splice various styles and colors to increase the design, this kind of fence panel can meet your needs. With SGS certified anti-UV test materials, you can use it outdoors for five years or even longer, and save time and energy from maintenance and invest in more meaningful things.

Sunwing case – artificial green fence wall for outdoor use


  • Application
  1. Covering commercial places such as stores or large shopping malls
  2. Large decoration for outdoor events
  3. Building wall
  4. Creating privacy-protecting screen in personal garden

Trendy Indoor Vertical Garden

The popular trend of integrating natural elements into interior decoration has never stopped. A series of advantages, such as the convenience and low cost of artificial plants, have further promoted the application of these elements. Utilizing the indoor vertical garden wall, you can create a unique green paradise in any space of offices, private houses, and indoor commercial places.

Lush leaves vertical garden wall

The immortal green in the home environment makes the home atmosphere more harmonious and exciting. You can cut realistic and luxuriant leaf panels according to the wall splicing, and you can create a tropical garden in the bedroom or living room. The leaves of 100% fresh PE will not emit any odor or harmful substances indoors, which meets customers’ expectations for interior decoration products’ quality. Further, they will not attract insects, even in the summertime.

  • Fireproof material with SGS certificate

With improved living standards and safety awareness, people will inevitably have higher quality requirements for indoor products. Disasters always happen at unexpected times. The best way to avoid injury is still to make adequate preparations and preventive measures in advance. Using materials that pass the fire test of block the fire’s spread and protect you  in extraordinary times.

  • Application
  1. Home Decoration
  2. Indoor use in shopping malls and other commercial places
  3. Indoor exhibition display
  4. Combine logos or patterns to enrich the office
Indoor preserved moss green walls

Due to preserved moss characteristics, the interior is more suitable for playing its advantages when decorating walls. When laying in bedrooms and other home places, moss green walls can block noise to a certain extent. And it even retain some of the pure natural plants to purify the air, significantly improving the indoor environment level.

verticial garden indoor design

  • Application
  1. Home Decoration
  2. Indoor use in shopping malls and other commercial places
  3. Indoor exhibition display
  4. Light up office space


So far, if you are interested in any indoor and outdoor green wall products, please feel free to contact us thru [email protected] for a free catalog with pricing, and we will answer any questions you have online.


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