Top 3 Imported Fake Vertical Garden

As a product whose demand is still growing, fake vertical garden products are currently popular among imported goods. If you are a manufacturer or supplier of artificial plants such as lawns, you may wish to consider adding them to the product catalog as an extension; or if you are already interested in vertical gardens, we will show you the top 3 imported fake vertical gardens in nowadays, and then you may get some useful suggestions here.

You will learn in this article:

>>01.Artificial Vertical Garden

>>02.Artificial Wall Hedges

>>03.Framed Green Walls

Premium Fake Vertical Garden Series

This plant wall panel feature is to add various branches and leaves and cleverly blend into the panel to form a beautiful whole. The artificial plant branches and leaves firmly interspersed on the panel greatly amplify the overall three-dimensional sense and visual impact of the plant wall. The hyper-realistic and diverse foliage colors and textures reveal the lush greenery. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, you can make the most of our artificial greenery wall.



  • Instant look with lightweight and easy installation

You can easily assemble the panels in an “interlocking” mode to enlarge the overall area. Simultaneously, the installation steps are simple, and everyone can operate according to the manual.

  • Indoor artificial living walls with fire retardant for indoor use

We can add flame retardant materials during the production of the artificial product. We recommend choosing level B flame-retardant hedges to ensure public safety if using the products in commercial projects.

  • They are treated with Anti-UV production for outdoor use

Our products can last full 3 years outdoors under normal conditions without any discoloration or fading in light of foliage UV protection.

Artificial Wall Hedges in Multi-Application

The use of artificial fence walls is quite wide; whether retail or wholesale, indoor or outdoor, landscape, or construction-boxwood panels will take your project to a new level. Either simple or complex design, Sunwing can meet all your tastes and needs based on artificial hedges.



  • 100% new and fresh PE

We use 100% fresh new PE material, which belongs to the environmental protection material and has passed the authorized institution’s quality inspection.

  • 3 years outdoors and 5 years warranty
  • Fire retardant and UV: yes or optional

To meet indoor fire codes for building commit, Sunwing begins to manufacture IFR(inherently fire rated) artificial hedges products certified by ISO13823 fire tests for level B fire-retardant effect and passed NFPA 701 flame test for application on the building materials.

Framed Green Walls For Indoor Decor

Sunwing’s framed plant wall is made for multiple green wall designs. Frame plants vary from foliage to twigs and even moss to meet the demands of different interior and exterior designs and decorations. Also, frame plants combine artificial plants and decorative painting art. Compared with large-scale plant walls, artificial gardens presented in this form are more flexible and easier to integrate into the overall design of interior decoration.

framed- vertical-garden-indoor


  • Various styles of frames such as metal or wood

Framed green wall art is painted with simulated plants and has various theme designs, presenting three-dimensional and interesting effects. The frame material can be metal or wood as required.

  • Long-lasting fade-resistant wall plants
  • Artistic combinations for interior decoration


The best-customized service accompanies you and solves various problems

Didn’t find the most suitable product in the product list? Don’t worry, and we are equipped with a professional design team to provide you with customized services to solve your problems.

-Wide application



In short, the above three kinds of fake vertical gardens are great choices as imported products, especially for customers who have business with artificial plants such as lawns. If you have any inspiration or have any questions, we are always waiting for your contact. Get free samples and inquiries through [email protected]

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