The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Hedges Planter Categories

Recently, some customers asked us about the product information of artificial hedges planter and wanted to expand artificial fences. This form of artificial hedges products has been in a good market in recent years, and you may see planters in many restaurants or on both sides of the road. There is a lot of room for development in both home and business.

What is Artificial Hedges Planter?

The artificial boxwood planter looks like a low wall from the appearance. It fixes the artificial fence on the iron mesh and then makes it into a three-dimensional shape. Generally, the UV-protected artificial fence products are used to ensure that they can be used outdoors for a long time. There are three types in terms of shape: one is purely composed of fence and iron mesh, another is fixed on the base of the PVC sheet, and the other is with wheels. Three different styles can be selected according to needs.

What are the Types of Artificial Planters?

Independently placed Artificial Boxwood Planter.

Among the three types of planters, this type without a base is the lightest, and the most common one is the artificial boxwood planter. Because there is no base, the stability is weaker than the other two models. It is suitable for making low piers, which can be placed on the ground or the terrace for decoration.

Artificial Hedge in Planter with Flowerbed Base

For aesthetics and stability considerations, we chose to use PVC sheets to make the artificial hedge planter base. The base pattern is a layer of stickers, and you can change it if you want. Compared with the former one, it has better viewing and stability and can be used to divide fixed areas.

Artificial Hedges Planter with Wheels

As the iron mesh and PVC sheets are very heavy, it is not easy to move for some occasions, and we launched a new item with wheels for easy mobility. This style is more flexible and easy to adjust to the position.

Flake Artificial Hedge planter

In addition to the planter similar to the low wall, we also provide a flat planter, which fixes the iron mesh on the iron supporting feet, and fixes the fence or plant wall. According to the different needs of customers, you can choose single-sided or double-sided.

Applicable Artificial Hedge Panels Planter

According to customer needs, we provide applicable artificial hedges planters. Most customers will choose single-sided products to be placed against the wall. If required, we can provide double-sided products.

Where can Artificial Hedges Planter be Applicated?

In fact, artificial hedges planters can be seen in many places. In terms of traffic construction, you will see that artificial planters are placed on both sides of the road as flower beds and serve to isolate motor vehicles and sidewalks; there are also flaky planters used to decorate the sound insulation belts of highways, which play a beautifying effect.

When used for commercial purposes, it is commonly used as a partition, especially in restaurants and some outdoor activities. If it is a temporary activity, a planter with wheels is more convenient.

Even artificial planters have many uses in daily life. If you have a yard at home, you can use the artificial hedge planters to divide a dedicated recreation area for your children and pets. Also, It can be used as a guide in the garden.

All patterns and styles can provide customized services to meet the size needs of different customers. To ensure long-term use outdoors, we choose fresh new PE material with UV protection, which will not fade easily. If you want to know more details, you can contact our email [email protected]

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