The Most Imported Artificial Wall Plants 2020

Winter is coming, but people’s enthusiasm for using the green plant to decorate the space has not diminished. In this way, artificial wall plants have become the best alternative. Given the good development trend of fake plant wall decoration, choosing which kind of plant wall to purchase will cause doubts. So we prepared the most imported plant wall categories in 2020 to help you find what you want. Let’s get started right now!

Let wall hedges bring greenery to your space.

Among the large number of artificial plant walls exported by Sunwing, we have to mention the kind of hedges wall. First of all, the fence plant wall can be made of a single-type hedge to form realistic overall greenery covering the wall. Second, you can also choose different types of fence leaves for creative design and then mix them. And in this way, the artistic decoration value of the plant wall can be fully reflected.


Furthermore, quality must be an important consideration in choosing imported products, and there will be concerns about the service life and maintenance of plant walls, etc. However, both need not worry about quality, whether it is a single species or a hybrid hedges wall made.

The reason we are so confident is:.



  • Lush, realistic leaves

For manufacturers and suppliers of artificial plants, making the leaves look realistic enough, and presenting great effects is the problem we must solve and the goal we strive to achieve. Using 100% fresh PE material to ensure the quality, we make the leaves present a lush and realistic texture and a beautiful trimming effect.

  • UV-treated material perfect for artificial plant walls outdoor

Sunwing wall hedges panels use UV-engineered material backed by a three-year guarantee that can withstand the sun. Therefore, they are perfectly suitable for outdoor occasions, and they are a great choice for covering urban gray and dark walls and decorating reinforced concrete buildings.

  • Multiple color options and various designs

Firstly, the plant wall composed of a single type of fence has so many panels to choose from, with different colors, leaf density, and cutting shapes. Also, there are more choices for mixed design plant walls. But don’t worry, we will design the best artificial plant wall art just for you.


Decorate wall with vertical garden panels

Compared with the hedges wall series products, the vertical garden panels are more luxuriant, with a clearer sense of hierarchy, and give people a more splendid visual effect. You can use it for long-term or temporary decorations, such as blank walls in offices or interior and exterior walls of houses, or the layout of event sites and meetings. Ingeniously increase the pleasant effect.

artificial green walls

As we have repeatedly emphasized, the artificial plant walls we supply have many uses, and the quality is guaranteed. Whether you are artificial plants retailers or wholesalers looking for UV & Fire rated fake plants, Sunwing artificial vertical gardens will be the right choice.

Because we will provide:

  • Fire-safe product suitable for indoor use

These vertical garden panels are certified by ISO13823 fire tests and passed NFPA 701 flame test for application on the building. The top exported fire retardant artificial wall garden plants may be what you are searching for.

  • UV-treated foliage with SGS certified

The anti-UV materials can effectively reduce UV exposure on PE materials and reduce the fading speed of products, which means you can use them outdoors for three years.

  • DIY design create perfect product just for you

The high flexibility of vertical garden panel installation makes it very friendly to DIY design. So you can adjust the elements on the panel according to your preferences.

Artificial plants wall art with Moss

Nowadays, the demand for moss in the home decoration market is increasing. Because it is a beautiful and great substitute for wallpaper. Reindeer Moss is a good example. After dehydration, it retains the true appearance of this alpine tundra creature. And transform it into excellent decorations or other commercial uses.

  • DIY design-friendly and professional pattern customization

In addition to pure color moss panels for the general public, professional designers are also customizing specific patterns to obtain unique moss wall art.


But to put it another way, pure natural moss walls are natural and healthy. We have to consider that maintaining this beauty requires a lot of effort and brings many inconveniences. This is why artificial moss walls are now selected and imported too.

Advantages of artificial moss wall are:

  • Highly simulated, close to the beauty of real plants

It highly restores the fluffy and soft texture of real moss and is a perfect alternative.

  • Easy installation and easy maintenance

Easy installation in three steps: firstly Unpack the flake moss; Secondly choose a suitable position and fix it with an air nail gun according to the order of the drawings; And finally if there is any moss falling off caused by transportation, use a hot melt gun or general glue to fix it.

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