The Guide To Sunwing Artificial Plants And Trees Dealerships

For the start of any business, a full understanding in advance is always a good first-step. If you are an owner of artificial plants and trees business online or offline, a retailer or even a wholesaler, or any opportunity explorer who is looking forward to the prospects of the artificial plant and tree industry, Sunwing will fully support you. As a manufacturer and factory dedicated to benefiting global customers and brands for many years, Sunwing will answer all your questions with its rich experience. Here you can easily understand the partnership with Sunwing.


Presumably you must have heard of these two modes, they are different and have their own advantages.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) means that the importer selects from the existing product catalog of the factory manufacturer, and then makes limited modifications in appearance, packaging or branding. Its advantage lies in saving a lot of expenditure on research and development of new products, and more investment in marketing strategies. If you are an importer of faux plants and tree that has established or is establishing FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) business, ODM is a more common strategy.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) refers to a company that independently designs products and then authorizes them to produce them. A large amount of money must be invested in the preliminary research and development, and the protection of intellectual property rights and creativity is particularly important. But there are also advantages that are easier to differentiate from competitors in products and gain advantages.

What kind of dealership Sunwing offer

At present, there are two main modes of becoming a Sunwing sales agent, regular dealership and exclusive dealership. Please let me take you to quickly understand the differences and advantages of the two.

Sunwing artificial plants and tree regular dealership

Simply put, compared with exclusive agents, ordinary agents do not have exclusive rights and some advantages, but at the same time they are less restricted by conditions.

In this way, the principal can appoint multiple agents in the same market, and the agents will conduct business in the designated area according to the agreement within the validity period.


  • Lead Time:Sunwing will give the agent priority delivery
  • Marketing Materials:Referring to the latest products, the agent will get the complete information of the product and a series of materials such as pictures and videos for marketing.
  • New Product:Only agents can get the updated recommendations and samples of the latest artificial plants products first.
  • Exclusive Right To Supply Certain Products:For some special products, Sunwing recognizes the exclusive supply right of the agent, or dealers have the right to monopolize certain styles.
  • Brand Shipment:First of all, it is necessary for the product packaging to be marked with the Sunwing’s brand, which is an important factor that distinguishes it from distributors.
  • Report Submission:You need to regularly (three months) submit detailed market reports and user opinion surveys in the local market for continuous improvement of products and mutual benefit.

How to comprehend Special dropshipping?

You must be familiar with dropshipping in the traditional sense. In this form, customers are not end customers, but push our product links (including Amazon, self-built sites, etc.) to local customers for conversion and get commissions. We are responsible for the after-sales service, and the risk to the seller is relatively high.

At present, the dropshipping form adopted by Sunwing reflects the ODM strategy. After the customer wholesales a large number of artificial plants and trees, we label and package them according to the customer’s needs and send them to the Amazon warehouse designated by the customer; After the payment arrival, Sunwing has some “tricks” to change “Shipper” into your brand name; customers are responsible for their own profits and losses, but Sunwing will also provide after-sales services on a certain basis.

In summary, the general agency has few restrictions and is very convenient and suitable for opportunity seekers who are new to the industry.

Sunwing artificial plants and tree exclusive dealership

Obviously, under this model, the agent enjoys the exclusive rights and interests in the area, and the principal shall not authorize other agents within territory.


  • Website Technical Support: Sunwing generously provides free website technical training, if you need it, please contact us directly.
  • Web Promotion: We will place advertisements or marketing in the exclusive agency area to expand the faux plants market
  • Uniqueness: Once you become the exclusive agent, you will become the only customer in the area who receives Sunwing supplies. This is also the most significant feature different from general agents.
  • Catalog: The sole agent is required to present the Sunwing brand in the product catalog.
  • One Brand: It means once exclusive, you can only act on principal’s – Sunwing’s behalf of artificial plants, trees, green walls or anything else.
  • Sales Amount: Sunwing makes certain requirements for the annual shipments and sales of the exclusive agent.

In order to make it easier for you to visually distinguish between the two proxy modes, we show the following table:



To sum up, the main differences are the following:

  • The catalog of the sole agency should show our brand, but regular agencies no.
  • Exclusive agency needs to meet the annual sales volume, but regular agencies no.
  • The sole agency is required to only act for our brand, but the general agency no.
  • For exclusive agency, we can provide website technical support, but ordinary agency no.
  • The exclusive agency area can enjoy the advertisements and network promotion by our side, but the general agency depends on the situation.
  • The exclusive agent enjoys the exclusive right which means we only supply the products to the agent in this area. In order to increase the regional advantage, the ordinary agent can only enjoy the exclusive rights of some special models (non-hot-selling types, etc).

Hope this article can help you, and you are always welcome to work with us.

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