The Guide to Sunwing Artificial Pampas Grass

The Guide to Sunwing Artificial Pampas Grass

As an artificial plant factory, our product line is very comprehensive, and keep up with the market trend, and constantly develop new products. Because many customers have put forward a demand for artificial pampas grass, we also took this to learn more about it.

By understanding the markets of our existing customers, we found that the current British and American markets have a high demand for such products, which also has high requirements for product professionalism. Our production line can support our products to reach a relatively high level, and can also provide customers with more choices.

Special Production Process of Artificial Pampas Grass

The craftsmanship involved in artificial reed grass is very particular, which will have a great influence on the appearance of the product, mainly involving dyeing crafts and planting crafts.

Dyeing Crafts

This process is mainly used in the dyeing of leaves, which will affect the degree of simulation of the appearance of the leaves. According to the current level, there are four dyeing methods.

different colors of pampas grass

  • Brushing: This is the most high-end of the four dyeing processes at present. It is artificially colored, and the surface of the leaves will have clear vein patterns, the color is natural and the degree of simulation is the highest.
  • Pasting: not only coloring but also shaping the leaves.
  • Soaking color: This is to soak the leaves in a dye for coloring. This method of dyeing leaves has a uniform color, which is also the most used method on the market.
  • Color spraying: This is the cheapest way to spray dye on the surface of the finished product, but relatively speaking, the color may not be uniform.

Planting Crafts

We can currently provide two planting methods for artificial potted reeds.

Planting Crafts of artificial pampas grass

  • The first is to plant the dried pampas grass in the center with a circle of onion grass leaves around. This method can create a lush potted plant at a lower cost.
  • The second method is still to put the pampas grass in the middle, but the leaves are planted in the pot evenly in clusters, which will appear more natural.

No matter what kind of planting method, Sunwing can make adjustments according to the needs of users.

Rich Styles of Artificial Potted Pampas Grass Series We Provide

The artificial pampas grass potted market area is mature and has various styles. Some of our main styles are roughly divided into the following three types.

Potted Pampas Grass with Spring Color

Artificial Pampas Grass with Spring Color

The color of the leaves is the main factor affecting the style of pampas grass potted plants, and the tender green potted plants are full of life. Whether it is placed in the living room, terrace, or outdoor garden, it can play a very good decorative effect.

Reed Grass Pot with Autumn Color

Feature pampas Grass Pot with Autumn Color

Autumn potted reed plants are more enthusiastic and mature. They have the warmth that spring reeds do not have, and are more suitable for winter. If placed in the study area and office area, it can stimulate people’s enthusiasm. Strong colors will accompany users instead of real plants.

Artificial Pampas Grass with Solar Lights

Fake Pampas Grass with Solar Lights

By adding light strips inside the poles, we added a soft lighting effect to the potted reeds. This design can meet the needs of some parties and events. Even in a dim environment, it can still play an excellent decorative effect. If you put it indoors, the weak light will create a romantic mood.

Dried Pampas Grass Gentle Colors

dried pampas grass

In addition to presenting in the form of potted plants, we also provide customers with individual pampas bundles. The soft fluff and gentle colors will definitely bring more excitement to the interior decoration industry. We even recommend matching this kind of pampas grass with the vase, which can instantly enhance the style of your room.

Available Customized Services

The artificial pampas grass market is mature. You can find many suppliers for the same product on the market. With the advantage of the artificial plants factory, Sunwing can meet the customization and service needs of customers, from the number of leaves, width, color, craftsmanship to the size of the pot, light strips, we can adjust all the details, which is extremely flexible, which is a condition that ordinary suppliers do not have.

The improvement of the artificial pampas grass market gives users more choices. What we can do is to meet customer needs as much as possible and provide customers with effective information about the local market. If you are interested in this, please contact our mailbox on time, we will provide you with services on time.

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