Sunwing Decorative Moss Wall For Gym|Preserved Moss Case Study

Sunwing Decorative Moss Wall For Gym|Preserved Moss Case Study

I guess you already notice that moss wall is in fashion nowadays interior decor. That’s true, and they are cute and suitable for brighten an indoor environment. And this time, we use them to create a series of wall art for a gym, of course, they perform so perfectly and absolutely satisfied our clients. We are also willing to share the final effect with you as a case study and hope you will enjoy those green moss walls and get some inspiration from them.

Partial moss decoration wall in treadmill area


As you can see in the picture, we decorate this area with a long square moss wall in front of those treadmills, and the final effect is lovely and cheerful. Within this moss wall, we use two kinds of green, a light one and a dark one, spliced together in waves and looks vibrant.

Furthermore, we combine this wall art with the black-framed, enhancing the 3D effect in vision. In this way, the treadmill area is spatially different from other areas, and at the same time, it brings refreshing feeling and energy to people running.

Designed Moss Wall Art


As you can see obviously, the final achievement of the whole moss wall is amazing and interesting. We are pleased to tell you that whether you use preserved moss to decorate the large wall or decorate the interior on a small scale, the colors and patterns can be customized. Our professional designer’s team was born for this purpose and is always ready to serve your wonderful ideas. This project matched three different shades of green moss and spliced them into unique color blocks.

ATTACHMENT DETAILS  reindeer-moss-mat-design

The moss wall is pleasing whether you view it from a distance or obverse it closely. On the one hand, high-quality moss products ensure that they can stay beautiful for a long time. On the other hand, the preserved moss’ additional function to purify the air and absorbing noise is also irreplaceable by other options.

Partially decorated mossy wall of the corridor


This time we set up the decorative moss wall in the connecting corridor beside the indoor basketball court as the client requests, enriching the original ordinary wall. In our impression, green plant decoration is rarely seen in indoor courts. Such a design breaks through the traditional decoration ideas and combines the concepts of organic green, healthy living, and sports. Simultaneously, the warm-colored base environment of the indoor court also contrasts with the green indoor mossy wall. Presumably, people who are sweating and exercising will also feel more enjoying.

Why we choose the moss wall for the gym?

Among the many choices like vertical gardens, artificial hedges wall, etc., we finally chose the reindeer moss due to many considerations. On the one hand, moss’ material properties are very suitable for indoor environment decoration; on the other hand, moss is an ideal choice for DIY design and can be closer to customers’ ideas.

Besides, the moss wall has many advantages:

Easy installation

The installation step will be easy for you, and you need to follow those steps: First, unpack the flake moss; then choose a suitable location and fix it to the wall with an air nail gun. In general, use an air nail gun to improve each flake moss center’s four corners. If the wall pattern is complicated, Sunwing will provide an installation drawing to mark each moss’s location. Mark the numbers or letters on the back of them and fix them to the wall’s order on the drawing. If the reindeer moss is to fall off on the bottom due to transportation or other reasons, you can use a hot melt gun or universal glue to re-fix it to the base plate.

Multiple color

Sunwing can provide pure color moss in 10 standard colors such as green, yellow, blue, and red using professional reactive dyes.

Little Maintenance

They do not require watering, and they do not require soil and fertilizer neither. What’s more, they are dust-free, as they do not have static electricity.

Environment friendly

Moss wall can absorb excess noises and heavy metals,  bringing the forest indoors with its natural look. Due to the real greenery, it has a calming and relaxing effect no matter it’s a small moss panel or a large moss wall. It may even contribute to regulating the room climate.

If you want to know more about how to use moss to decorate indoor environment, you can also check this article: “Discover Preserved Reindeer Moss For Interior Decoration”

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