Perfect Privacy Screen Designs of Faux Hedges Plants in Patio

It is entirely feasible and appropriate to use faux hedges plants to create privacy screens in open spaces like patios. You may want to maintain a sense of mystery, or you may want to isolate your private space from public areas further, or you may want to avoid the sight of strangers and protect your private property. An artificial hedge barrier can completely meet your expectations. On this basis, refine the requirements to obtain a perfect design. Are the patio’s location, the screen area, and the barrier’s shelter performance within your consideration? You can get inspiration and support from Sunwing in the following ideas.

Apply faux hedges plants panels in patio’s fence

Custom boxwood hedges account for a high proportion in the application of artificial plant products. The reason is that it is functional and versatile. Of course, beauty is also one of the reasons. You can easily install the panel on the patio fence to obtain a privacy barrier and expand the screen area by combining and splicing. The lush green artificial hedge does not require regular pruning and watering, which can save many maintenance costs and time, which is very convenient for modern people’s busy lives. Moreover, the hedges are firmly joined together and will not fall off easily due to outdoor wind. However, considering the hedge’s installation method, it is more suitable to increase privacy and beauty based on the terrace’s original fence and outer wall.

Boxwood Hedges

faux- hedges-plants-outdoor


Generally, to obtain high-strength occlusion, the density of the hedge leaves needs to be high enough. The most classic hedge-style boxwood panels can meet this requirement. Artificial boxwood is a replica of real boxwood in terms of function and appearance. First, the layers of boxwood panels leaves are almost more than 4, which looks thicker than the average 3-layer leaf; secondly, the design of the obliquely inserted blade connection panel makes the whole more stable and dense.


Lush Foliage Mats

Obviously, the leaf cushion should be more luxurious and three-dimensional from a visual angle. Tropical, rustic, or modern styles can be realized under the customization of a professional team. Besides, single leaf or fixed leaf pads can achieve basic to high-density coverage from 90% to 99%.

artificial vertical green wall for home

Don’t forget the damage to hedges caused by long-term sunlight in the outdoor environment. If it is a cheap and inferior plastic material, it may fade or even deform in a short time. But choosing high-quality products does not need such worries, and the hedges with anti-UV design can maintain vitality under direct sunlight for a long time.

Expandable Faux Ivy Screen

Ivy trellis grid structure and foliage compose this artificial ivy trellis, perfect for adding privacy to the patio. The ivy foliage is silk, and others are of PE. Both are with commercial-grade UV protection. The back plastic grid is difficult to tear apart and can be expandable to provide a large screen.

In comparison, the advantage of the retractable fence privacy screen is that it can control the leaf density. As the frame stretches and the grid expands, the visibility will change.

Create Protected Screen with Artificial Boxwood Planters

First of all, when you use these hedges in planters as a privacy screen, it does not need to be attached to any existing external walls or fences. The planter at the bottom will support the upper fence and stand at any position on your terrace, and pulleys are set at the bottom for easy movement. Besides exterior conditions, stainless steel will be the best base with powder-coated to ensure these planters are sturdy.


Secondly, while increasing privacy, artificial boxwood planters can also effectively divide space. Imagine adding a dining table area surrounded by planters on a residential terrace to avoid strong wind interference while enjoying the outdoor natural environment.

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So far, do you have some ideas formed in your mind? If you are interested in using faux hedges plants to create a privacy barrier, Sunwing is always here. We have cooperated with many customers worldwide to complete projects, rich experience and high-quality products have always been the source of our confidence. All can be bespoke based on your needs. Welcome to leave a message about your ideas via email [email protected]

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