Insight to the U.S. Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Plants Market

The application range of artificial plants is super extensive, and people can freely place them in indoor and outdoor environments. Nowadays, faux plants for interior and exterior use are common, and you can commonly see them in commercial places, residential decoration, large-scale events, and other occasions. Its material characteristics are more adaptable to extreme weather conditions than natural plants, and the maintenance cost is the lowest or even free. Various factors have promoted the demand for artificial plants to increase globally. Although the sudden COVID-19 has a profound impact on global economic activities, the artificial plant market’s prospects are still viewed with optimism. According to statistics, North America is still the primary consumer of artificial plants. If you want to find opportunities in the local area and develop your own artificial plant business, understanding and investigating in advance is the first step that will not go wrong.

The U.S. Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Plants Market Overview

As said, North America is still the most considerable consumer of artificial plants in the world. According to customs statistics, the frequency of imports of artificial plants in the US market exceeds 10,000 (Statistics from, which shows that even under the impact of the epidemic, the value and prospects of the industry are still worthy of more attention.

indoor application

Many application areas in the United States provide abundant possibilities and motivation for market growth, such as airports, theme parks, hotels, shopping malls, conventions and exhibitions and other commercial occasions, and home decoration and private garden landscapes. More than 51,243,000 playgrounds in the United States alone and the application and demand for indoor and outdoor artificial plants are beyond imagination.

The Impact of COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in late 2019, it has profoundly impacted all areas of the world, flight restrictions, emergency isolation in many countries, and the closure of indoor and outdoor public places.

The COVID-19 affect the global economy, mainly in three aspects:

  • Directly affecting supply and demand
  • creating supply chain and market disruption
  • The impact on the financial market

Undoubtedly, this situation will significantly impact the market for artificial plants and flowers soon.

COVID-19 has changed US shopping behavior

According to research, under the special epidemic conditions, consumers’ behaviors in the US market have undergone significant changes, manifested by these characteristics: turning online, paying more attention to health and safety, back to basics and values, etc.

Turning online

– Under measures such as social distancing restrictions and home isolation, people choose to go shopping in other ways. Their willingness to shop online has increased significantly, and this willingness seems to continue. Many online retail categories have increased, especially the essentials and home entertainment categories, which are expected to grow by more than 35%.


Paying more attention to health and safety

–Indeed, the epidemic has urged people to pay more attention to the health and safety of themselves and those around them than ever before, and therefore demand higher product quality. The category that can maintain physical and mental health is more concerned than ever.

Back to the basics and values

Affected by the economy, Americans’ overall willingness to consume has declined, and they hope to spend money in value, especially on necessities. Compared with the added value of more high-quality products, people are more willing to obtain essential product functions at the lowest possible price.

Rise of the homebody economy

–People spend a lot of time at home, and there is a significant increase in interest and shopping tendency for indoor entertainment, fitness, and home decoration categories.

Why Choose Faux Indoor and Outdoor Plants Business?

Artificial green walls and plants have magic that can brighten the space. After placing them in indoor and outdoor environments, they won’t change color,and damage or even decay. And can block burning and prevent the fire from spreading. Low maintenance costs are negligible, very suitable for home and commercial use, excellent value for money.

Those who want to start a simulation plant business, cost, profit, and sustainability will be the key factors that affect decision-making. In terms of cost, raw materials are currently concentrated on silk and polyester because of their higher cost-effectiveness. By obtaining products with low materials and manufacturing costs through trusted suppliers, you can sell artificial plants, hedges, and green walls at reasonable prices. As a result, there is an excellent opportunity to profit from the US artificial plant business quickly.


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