Insight To Resell Artificial Plants Market

As we all know, the production technology and aesthetic standards of artificial greenery plants are improving daily, which extends its scope of applications greatly. Not only for the decoration of homes or workplaces but also for the creation of outdoor commercial landscapes, to a certain extent, it meets the growing demand and expanding consumer market. As a result, more and more business opportunities have emerged. In addition to the traditional basic wholesale and retail model, the resell artificial plants market’s prospect is also worthy of attention.

Artificial plants retailer vs. artificial plants reseller

The most significant difference between resellers and retailers is that retailers directly connect to end customers, while resellers may appear in any part of the trade cycle.

Fake plant retailers usually purchase products from artificial plant wholesalers or suppliers or factories at competitive prices, market them based on their profits, and sell them to companies or individuals. They are basically at the end of the business management system, which can reflect end consumers’ needs to a certain extent.

Reseller is usually VAR(Value Added Resellers). They buy products from suppliers not for use but for reselling to other wholesalers, retailers, consumers, and any other respective seekers and get profits from it.

The resale business model applies to various economic sectors and industries. Still, it turns out that it is trendy in Web hosting, Domain seller, Mobile sector, Fashion, and Import sectors. It is worth exploring the potential opportunities in applying the resale model to the import of artificial plant products.

TOP 5 benefits of reselling artificial plants


One of the main advantages of reselling artificial plant products is the lower initial investment. For example, you will not participate in the specific product manufacturing process. In fact, with dropshipping, you don’t even need to keep inventory. You can operate as a 100% web-based business entity.

High ability to expand business

Obviously, another major advantage of reselling artificial plants is that it gives you the ability to highly expand your business, which is rarely achieved by other business models.

Since other factories carry out the production and manufacturing of artificial plants, resellers can deal with sudden large orders and develop their own businesses without significant disruptions.

Gain a new revenue stream and attract new costumers

The artificial simulation plant industry is now showing a considerable development trend, which is growing every year. As an ideal solution to beautify the space, customers seeking artificial plants and flowers will come to you according to their needs. Reselling artificial plants enables you to enter an entirely new market.

High-quality, trustworthy products

One disadvantage of reselling artificial plants is that you cannot control the quality of their products. Any defective or substandard products may cause serious harm to business expansion. Therefore, it is essential to choose reliable and assured suppliers to provide high-quality artificial plants.

As a professional, leading manufacturer and supplier of artificial plants, Sunwing has been committed to providing high-quality products to customers all over the world for many years. This shortcoming of reselling artificial plants here will no longer exist. Even the product itself will bring a competitive advantage, alleviating the competitive pressure that may require a heavy dependence on marketing.

Factory workshop displayReliable partnership

The resale business model requires a perfect relationship between yourself, the supplier, and the customer.

Sunwing is very confident to become a reliable partner to solve the worries of resellers. When working with established suppliers like Sunwing, their products and services are at your fingertips.

Prospects for resell artificial plants

Explore huge potential opportunities

According to the analysis, the global artificial plant market will grow rapidly in recent years. Due to the improvement of process technology and aesthetic standards, more and more customers choose to use green faux plants and flowers, especially millennials. Artificial plants and trees do not need to invest a lot of energy and add beauty to space, saving time.

Artificial vertical garden for shopping malls

Apart from that, this kind of plant can maintain a long lifespan regardless of objective factors such as weather and environment and is an excellent decoration choice for households and commercial places.

There is no doubt that there is great potential for reselling the artificial plant industry.

COVID-19 Impacts

The epidemic brought huge problems to the development of the world economy in 2020, including retail, tourism, logistics, manufacturing, construction, and other industries that have been greatly affected. The market for artificial plants and trees is no exception. But no matter what the reality is, we should not give up exploring more possibilities. What’s more, even under such circumstances, the artificial plant industry still presents a bright future trend.

As a professional artificial plant supplier, Sunwing, with its own strength, continues to pursue innovation potential and actively respond to survive the epidemic and gain a foothold in the market.

Driven by the epidemic, more industries such as the retail industry are shifting online and reducing their offline layout. This may mean opportunities for reselling artificial plants. Choosing a suitable and reliable partner means a long-term and sustainable future.


If you have become Sunwing’s resale partners, get in touch with us today to learn more about this lucrative option and how it can benefit your business!

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