High-Recommend Faux Plants and Trees for Garden Shop Sell

High-Recommend Faux Plants and Trees for Garden Shop Sell

Faux plants and trees can indeed fill in some of the gaps in the indoor and outdoor decoration of natural plants. Even if planting and cultivating fresh plants delight gardening enthusiasts, they have to admit that real plants’ limitations and the amount of time and energy it takes will become why some consumers seek artificial plants and tree options. Perhaps as a garden store, it also needs to consider more diverse customer needs to obtain more business opportunities.

You cannot ignore the advantages of faux plants in functionality and application range. Here, the most recommended series of artificial greenery sold in garden stores are listed for reference.

1.Faux hedges panels

Facts have proved that fence panels have a wide range of applications. When customers seek solutions to increase garden privacy or beautify exterior walls, this series of products is undoubtedly an excellent choice. People can freely choose the panel, let ivy leaves, Lysimachia or shrub leaves, etc., light up the garden’s exterior walls all the year-round. Simultaneously, the leaves’ density is different, which can effectively improve the privacy of the garden and prevent the entry of wild animals.



These strong hedges are durable and fully UV stabilized to keep from fading or discoloring. It ensures that your bespoke faux hedge foliage stays vibrant and healthy annually based on no upkeep costs. These are what natural plants do not possess.

2.Faux potted plants and trees for indoor decor

artificial trees for home decor

There are too many reasons for people to become the owners of potted artificial plants, such as:

  • Realistic appearance

With advanced technology and excellent craftsmanship, artificial plants are almost the same as real plants.

  • No need for weeds, soil, or sunlight.

When people use potted artificial trees to beautify the interior, one of the main advantages is that they can be placed anywhere; whether it is sunny or not, they can still look amazing and bring vitality to be dark and humid places.

  • No attract bugs.

Real plants will attract insects into the home environment, which is absolutely disgusted by most people. The emergence of artificial plants may be the best solution, and you can enjoy breathtaking greenery without disturbing bugs.

  • Maintenance-free

Unlike real plants that rely on nature, artificial trees free your hands from daily maintenance work. Therefore, you can say goodbye to endless care and fully enjoy artificial plants’ beautiful scenery.

  • Longer life

Because they are made of high-quality materials that have undergone UV treatment, they can remain plump and lifelike.

  • Non-toxic

If children or pets accidentally eat poisonous or inedible parts of plants, using real plants indoors may affect their health.

3.Lush vertical garden series

In fact, Sunwing’s vertical garden panels are composed of flame-retardant leaves and flowers, which are very luxurious and can improve the indoor environment’s safety. For easy installation, we usually design it into a size of 1m x 1m and a mode that expands the area through interlocking combinations.


4.Ceiling hanging artificial greenery

For a special plane such as the ceiling, it isn’t easy to use plants for decoration. You must spend high expenses and workforce and material resources to design a reasonable planting method to ensure that sunlight, water, and other nutrients make natural plants hang on the ceiling healthily. But whether it grows gracefully in the way you expect is still uncontrollable.


Even if the hanging faux plants and trees do not have soil, sunlight, and care can still be lovely. Due to textures and colors, artificial wall plants won’t be boring that looked plastic or fake. Without a doubt, they make a statement to be the artistic design originating from real things.

5.Reindeer moss wall

reindeer moss design

rich design of reindeer moss

Reindeer moss is a real plant but not alive. After a series of dehydration and other treatments, it retains its original appearance and some of the real plants’ characteristics. If a customer asks why they choose reindeer moss, I will give the following reasons:

  • Eco-friendly product

Because it is a real plant that is completely biodegradable and will not burden the environment. At the same time, it will not release any pollen or spores, affecting indoor life.

  • Air cleaning

Moss retains the function of fresh plants to clean air. Placing it indoors to absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants (including some dust) is equivalent to having a natural and economical air purifier.

  • Promote physical and mental health

Besides absorbing carbon dioxide and some volatile substances, moss also stores moisture in the air, which helps maintain relatively comfortable humidity conditions, which is good for human skin.

  • Noise reduction

As we all know that nature plants have a certain function of eliminating noise pollution, and moss is, of course, no exception. The dense sponge-like reindeer moss wall can take this characteristic to the extreme and become a great sound insulation material.

  • Maintenance-free to reduce expenses

This moss’s original sap has been replaced by a compound made of glycerin after a series of processing, making it not fade and wilt. And it does not require watering and sunshine to avoid a lot of maintenance costs.

Both residential and commercial design pursue sustainability, and reindeer moss perfectly meets this requirement.

Up to now, I hope you garden shop owner o new business opportunities seekers have acquired the information that you need from this recommendation. But want more about faux plants and Trees? Please turn to email – [email protected] for a free catalog with pricing.

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