full guide to artificial fence

Full Guide to Sunwing Artificial Fence Supply

If you are looking for a better way to decorate your space, why not try an artificial fence? The SUNWING fake fence product series highly restored real plants can add some highlights, some privacy, and some beauty to your yard, your office, or even commercial projects. There are so many shapes, types, colors, sizes, and uses for you to choose from, so it may be a little difficult to find the one that suits you and meets your needs. That’s why we are here. Let us answer all your questions about artificial fences and provide you with the best options. Anyway, I believe it will help you. let’s start!

What is an artificial fence?

At first, artificial hedges were made to replace real plants to fill yard fences or cover walls to provide privacy and beauty. However, with the diversification of design and the expansion of functions, people gradually apply it to a wider range of occasions, such as the indoor and outdoor design of homes or apartments, commercial use of office space or shopping mall decoration, and so on.

What are they made of?

The material of the fence usually depends on your requirements. What are the purpose and quality of the product you need? Cheap artificial plants may use a combination of recycled waste plastic and paper to reduce costs, and some of the worse may even use harmful heavy metals.
As a leading artificial fence supplier in China, our products use completely fresh PE materials and strive to truly restore the shape of real plants, and become a safe and beautiful supplement to your space.
In addition, our product is UV-engineered backed by a three-year guarantee, and perfectly satisfies your needs of outside use.
Furthermore, we manufacture products with fireproof material witch has passed the ISO13823 test to give you the most assured use experience.

What does the artificial fence series include?

First of all, I have to mention the artificial fences panels and Boxwood hedges, witches are relatively basic varieties of artificial hedge products. And Sunwing has accumulated rich experience in production and supply of them since its inception.
artificial fences panels

This kind of lifelike artificial leaf hedges is the perfect solution for adding privacy. To add everlasting greenery to any indoor or outdoor space will be their goal.

• Diverse designs and multiple color options
• Harmless to people
• Can stay green for a long time even when exposed to sunlight
• Add privacy
• Protect your fence or exterior wall from being damaged by painting
• Fire and flame retardant, increase the safety factor
It is suitable for almost any occasion, high-quality materials make it shine in any indoor and outdoor locations. You can use it for home, office, landscape design, large-scale projects, etc.

Boxwood hedges

artificial box fences

It has many similar characteristics with artificial fences panels, not only is beautiful in appearance, but also has zero maintenance requirements, which will make it a great choice for you.
• Easy to install
• Lush realistic leaf
• Harmless to people
• Add privacy
• Protect your fence or exterior wall from being damaged by painting
• Fireproof and flame retardant, increase safety
Many real estate owners prefer to use artificial boxwood for commercial spaces, office buildings and even construction sites to cover unsightly scenery, and create a privacy barrier as well as the illusion of greenery.

Secondly, the faux ivy fence is also one of them, mainly divided into two product lines, Artificial Ivy Rolls and Expandable Ivy Trellis.

Artificial Ivy Rolls

This is a combination of the plastic-wrapped iron grid structure and various large leaf on it. However, the density of the leaves will vary to meet your different needs for shading and visibility.
Expandable Ivy Trellis

Different from the former, this kind of fence is expandable with natural willow trellis structure to fit and cover any unsightly view both indoors and outdoors.
The leaf part of the faux ivy fence is made of silk, and the remaining part is made of 100% PE material. Otherwise, the grid panel part made with iron structure and PE with commercial-grade UV protection. Some ivy trellis is made from natural willow trellis what depends on the product style you choose.
• Stay green for a year
• Protect your fence or exterior wall from being damaged by painting
• Easy to install
• Add privacy and beauty to your residential or commercial
• Pest-free without allergies to human bodies
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor

Thirdly, it also includes artificial wall grass. As a worldwide professional artificial fence supplier in china, Sunwing is fully capable of completing high-quality customization according to your requirements for size, color or other aspects. And, anti-UV&Fire properties can also be used to decorate indoor and outdoor environments.

• Dimension
• Fire retardant
• UV stable

Finally, the artificial hedges in the planter are very worthy of recommendation. As an extension of the artificial hedge panels, it has also been widely used in decoration and separation of spaces.

• Totally fresh new PE
• ANTI-UV&fire & waterproof
• Long-lasting both indoor and outdoor
• Variable choices, custom selection of hedges in planters

How to maintain an artificial fence?

High-quality products will save you a lot of time on maintenance and care because the anti-UV materials can keep them long-lasting even when outdoors, and most of them are also waterproof, so you only need to wipe and clean occasionally what’s enough to keep it as new.


After a certain introduction, you may have some understanding or interest in the artificial fence. There is always one of many tapes that meet your expectation, and choosing SUNWING to supply artificial fence china to make your plan come true will never make you regret. Come on feel free to contact us for any details: [email protected]

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