Full Guide To Faux Hedges Planter 2021|FAQs About Artificial Fence Planter

Faux hedges planter comes into vogue worldwide, and you can see them on almost all kinds of occasions, whether commercial, residential, or public. Why? On the one hand, they play an important role in providing privacy and separating space; on the other hand, their ease of maintenance and beautiful appearance get more people’s preference. Your customer may be interested in it right now, but according to the feedback, some frequently asked questions perhaps trouble them too. Here we will answer them and offer you a full guide to faux hedges planter.

>>>What is faux hedges planter?

>>>Various applications of artificial hedges planter

>>>Top FAQs about faux hedges planter

>>>Any recommendations of faux hedges planter for 2021?


What is faux hedges planter?


First of all, the faux hedges planter set the artificial fence on the iron mesh and shape in a cuboid, making it look like a 3D green low wall. There are mainly 3 types of it:

Independently placed faux boxwood planter

This kind of planter is only composed of PE fence and iron mesh, without the base, so the weight is the lightest, but the relative stability is also low. It is recommended to use it to make low piers to decorate the terrace or ground.

Faux hedges in planter with flowerbed base

We fix the artificial fence in the base made of WPC(Wood Plastic Combination) board to improve the beauty and stability. You can choose the size according to your needs and put it into the separated space.

Faux Hedges planter with wheels

Based on the fixed base, we further condition the pulleys at the bottom four corners, so you can move this planter freely and conveniently and apply it to more occasions.


Various applications of artificial hedges planter

Based on three different forms, faux hedges planter can be used on various occasions.

On the one hand, refer to urban construction, people often use fence planters on both sides of the road to separate sidewalks and motor vehicle lanes or to reduce noise on highways. It makes the city more beautiful and avoids the inconvenience of maintenance at the same time.

On the other hand, commercial places are also the main use for artificial fence planter. For example, in shopping malls, airports, restaurants, and other places, spaces can be flexibly divided to bring consumers a better experience.

Furthermore, if you have a yard or terrace in your home, you can use it to divide leisure areas for your children or pets. Similarly, it can also be a guide for the path of the garden.


Top FAQs about faux hedges planter

Q1.what are they made of?

We can regard the planter as three parts: fence, iron mesh, and base.

First of all, the fence part uses 100% fresh PE material, which causes a small burden on the environment. Simultaneously, the UV-treated blades can withstand long-term outdoor wind and sun challenges.

Secondly, the fence and the iron mesh are fixedly connected by cable ties or C-shaped nails to support and form a square appearance.

Finally, the base part is made of WPC(Wood Plastic Combination) material.

Q2.Are those planters stable?

Yes, don’t worry, they are very stable. We improve the stability of the artificial hedge planter from two aspects. On the one hand, when the hedge’s height increases, the center of gravity of the planter also becomes higher, leading to instability. To avoid this, we set the base height to proportion to the total. For example, when the total height of the hedge is more than 120 cm, the base will be 50 cm; On the other hand, the four corners inside the base are fixed by angle irons, and the middle is supported by an iron frame, which makes the planter more stable.

Q3.How long can they be used?

You can use them for 3 to 5 years or even more.

Q4.Can we use it outside?

Of course, you can rest assured to use them outdoors. The UV-treated leaves can be tested for more than 2000 hours of ultraviolet radiation without fading and deformation; simultaneously, the artificial hedge also has the function of waterproof and wind resistance, which is why they are suitable for outdoor decoration.

Q5.What size can we choose?

There are basically three sizes: L 75-150cm W 25-28cm H 75cm-200cm

Q6.Can we change the colors?

Yes, you can change the color to black, brown, or grey, and recently the grey one is all the rage.

Q7.Do you accept customization?

Yes, we provide customized services and accept any reasonable request.


Any recommendations of faux hedges planter for 2021?

Faux Hedge Planter with Photinia Foliage A002


The artificial hedge planters consist of hedge panels that combine various foliage. Farmer is bound to be reflected in different materials– fiberglass, cast stone, PVC, etc. Thank the pulley wheel, our types of faux boxwood hedges in planters are easy to move. Though the regular size is L100xW25xH100cm (H39.4 “* W9.8 “* L39.4”), other sizes are available, as well as the various foliage. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, standard and bespoke artificial planters are perfect to ornament and bring convenience.

Functional Faux Boxwood in Planters Milan Leaf A001


Based on one of the most versatile products——artificial boxwood,we make this planter which expands the functions. It is a perfect way of dividing any space you would like, both interiors and exteriors. For one thing, many outdoor entertainment venues tend to use them to provide guests with a separate room to rest. For another thing, you can completely customize faux boxwood in planters according to the site requirements. Add other decorations to be unique because our boxwood planter is the right background wall.



Up to now, I hope that we have solved some of your clients’ problems. And we believe those faux hedges planters would brighten your design or part of sparkle in your idea. Welcome to contact us for any questions or interests thru [email protected]

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