Easy Guide to Artificial Potted Trees for Home Decor

Artificial potted trees are popular in interior decoration because they are the least difficult to integrate into the room’s overall design and decoration. You only need to choose the right one and place the one you like in the selected location—neither caring for the troubles of maintaining real plants nor worrying about installing them. Here we will briefly introduce fake trees in the pot and explore the product catalog to recommend some popular ones for you; perhaps you will get some inspiration from them.

Why choose artificial potted trees?

-Maintenance-free, instant beautification

First of all, compared with natural plants, the sunshine conditions and air humidity will not restrict people from choosing suitable locations to place potted plants, such as wet corners in the bathroom or windows with strong sunlight. Secondly, this beauty is continuous, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time looking after it, even if it is not maintained, it will add color to your home 24 hours a day.

Besides, we design the bottom of the potted plant with a form to be easy to move, and it can be placed at any time to bring a fresh feeling and save a lot of unnecessary trouble for users.

-Restore the appearance of real plants, perfectly integrated into surrounding environment

The leaves of potted trees are mostly made of high-quality PE materials, which excitingly reproduce the natural form and are not easy to rot and deform and last for a long time. Try to bring tropical plants back home to complement the interior design and show your unique taste.

-Various types of potted trees

As an artificial plant supplier with rich experience and an artificial tree manufacturer, Sunwing holds most artificial trees in pots on the markets, which can meet the needs of potted trees of various appearances and sizes.

The 4 most popular fake potted tree options

  1. Artificial Potted Tree Monstera Foliage PT006

Monstera itself is a trendy ornamental plant. People love its unique leaf shape and put it in their homes as decoration.Artificial-potted-trees-Monstera-Foliage


-High-quality materials: The base of this artificial potted tree is concrete cement, which can avoid being knocked down by children or pets. The leaves are of durable and high-quality PE material that will not wilt.

-Adjustable branches: We equip a stable internal metal wire inside to ensure that the units stand upright. You can adjust the trunk to the desired shape without worrying about the trunk breaking.

  1. Artificial Pampas Grass Series for Indoor Decoration

Phragmites is a kind of tall grass that grows in a humid environment. It generally grows in open areas with water sources. Its strong reproductive capacity quickly expands and connects into a reed stilt. Artificial phragmites combine craftsmanship and nature to restore their unique plume appearance and create a unique atmosphere.


-UV protection: UV-treated leaves can maintain their original color and shape under direct sunlight.

-Pot and light: The base is filled with cement for reinforcement and covered with a sponge so that the artificial reed grass looks like it grows out of a pot. You can choose to add a light strip so that this potted plant can also play a decorative role at night.

  1. Artificial Silk Trees Based on Branches

You can divide this kind of potted tree into three parts: leaf part, branch part, and pot base.


Lifelike leaves:In order to truly show the leaf shape of natural plants, we choose different materials to achieve this goal; for example, we will use silk materials to embody the exquisite leaf parts and plastic materials to reproduce harder leaves.

Realistic branches:The supporting branches are wrapped in gray-green so that the touch and appearance are close to real plants, and their texture is hard and not easy to bend and disconnect.

Stable base pot:If you want to make the potted plant’s center of gravity stable and not easily knocked down on the ground, you need the base to have a certain weight, so we pour cement on the bottom of the pot to achieve the goal, and cover the sponge to replace the soil for plant nutrients.

  1. Trimmable Artificial Onion Grass Decoration

Onion grass is a relatively common lawn weed. Its vitality is tenacious and can grow anywhere in your garden. Move the artificial plant tree with onion grass indoors to add dynamism and life to your house.


-DIY friendly:Due to its material, you can trim it to whatever you want.

-Customization services: Can’t the size and color meet your needs?  Don’t worry. Customized services will solve your reasonable special requirements.

Wide application of artificial potted trees in house decor

Because the artificial potted trees are easy to move, people widely use them in interior decoration.




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