Discover Preserved Reindeer Moss For Interior Decoration

According to the survey report, changes in the social environment and millennials’ living conditions will promote further development of the global interior design industry. People are eager to show living standards and individuality by constructing well-designed spaces in buildings. When choosing cute things to beautify a particular space, people often consider plants. While most people are still hesitating between true and faux plants, some interior designers with unique vision and fashion have begun to use Preserved Reindeer Moss to light up their works.

TOP5 FAQs about Preserved Reindeer Moss

  1. What is preserved reindeer moss?

Natural reindeer moss, also known as reindeer lichen, is a kind of lichen that grows in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. It can grow up to 8 cm high and has strong coverage to widely cover the northern tundra and taiga ecosystem areas, thence serves as pasture for reindeer, moose, caribou, and musk oxen.

However, reindeer lichen grows very slowly, only 3-5 mm a year, which means it is complicated to obtain natural ones.

natural moss

People process these kinds of plants that grow in remote areas through multiple courses and transform them into products that many people use for interior decoration.

  1. Is preserved reindeer moss alive?

This moss is absolutely a real plant but already has no life. After dehydration, the reindeer moss can maintain the original appearance and a little part of purifying and filtering fresh plants’ air.

  1. What’s the difference between reindeer moss and others?

Actually, reindeer moss is not a moss, as we introduced, but a lichen. Lichen is a symbiosis of fungus and algae. It absorbs moisture and nutrients from the humid air and grows into a strong covering, fluffy and soft state.

  1. How long does this moss last?

Normally, this product can last 3 to 5 years indoors, or even longer. Because unlike changeable climate outdoors, a stable indoor environment can keep the moss from fading for a long time and light up the entire space.

  1. How to maintain preserved moss?

Although real moss cannot survive without a humid environment, preserved reindeer moss does not have this trouble. It does not require watering, which can save a lot of maintenance time, and does not damage the indoor walls or the ground due to moisture. Moreover, it does not need sunlight, and we even recommend avoiding placing the moss in direct sunlight because both real and preserved moss may fade and become dry in this way.

Besides, you only need to clean the surface dust regularly.

Why choose preserved moss for interior decoration

  • Eco-friendly product

Because it is a real plant that is completely biodegradable and will not burden the environment, at the same time, it will not release any pollen or spores, affecting indoor life.

  • Air cleaning

Moss retains the function of fresh plants to clean air. Placing it indoors to absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants (including some dust) is equivalent to having a natural and economical air purifier.

  • Promote physical and mental health

Besides absorbing carbon dioxide and some volatile substances, moss also stores moisture in the air, maintaining relatively comfortable humidity conditions, good for human skin.

  • Noise reduction

As we all know that nature plants have a certain function of eliminating noise pollution, and moss is, of course, no exception. The dense sponge-like reindeer moss wall can take this characteristic to the extreme and become a great sound insulation material.

  • Maintenance-free to reduce expenses

This moss’s original sap has been replaced by a compound made of glycerin after a series of processing, making it not fade and wilt. And it does not require watering and sunshine to avoid a lot of maintenance costs.

Both residential and commercial design pursue sustainability, and reindeer moss perfectly meets this requirement.

Wide application of Reindeer moss

Designers often add moss walls and moss frames to their creative works in many collaborative interior decoration projects.

Preserved moss for office

The moss color is saturated; no matter setting a large area of reindeer moss wall in the office, meeting room, or corridor, it can bring a strong visual impact, adjust the office atmosphere, and inject vitality into the office environment.

Corridor decor with moss wall

The DIY-designed moss wall is also very suitable for display at the front desk, which brings a refreshing feeling from the beginning.

DIY-designed slogan


Moss wall for shopping malls and storefront decoration

On the one hand, as introduced, adding moss walls to a noisy shopping mall can effectively reduce noise pollution and provide sound insulation. On the other hand, a large mossy wall will present an awesome visual effect. It is even possible to add artificial plants, artificial bunches, and flowers to form a rich vertical garden, combining shopping places with ecological landscapes.

Moss wall commercial case


Creativity and uniqueness are elements that you cannot ignore in design. People often use moss on ceilings and walls to avoid touching, but laying moss on the ground under conditions of avoiding trampling can sometimes bring unexpected effects, especially in-store design.

Reindeer moss for store design


Incorporating reindeer moss into the home design

Integrating moss into the home design has incomparable advantages from beauty or functionality.

Frame moss for home design


Considering the space occupied, you can place moss photo frames in the living room, dining room, and bedroom. 3D visual effects are more innovative than ordinary decorative paintings, and it can also maintain indoor humidity and clean the air.


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