Complete Guide of Framed Plants 2021

Inspired by the traditional decorative painting, the plant wall art is expressed in the frame but different from the photo frame. The combination of real or artificial plants breaks the limit of a flat and presents an eye-catching 3D effect. Just some creativity and DIY can bring this wonderful decorative art and green atmosphere to your home.


What Is Framed Plants Wall Art?

The plant wall is a loose or flaky plant system that can grow independently on the wall. Like it, frame plants are based on the frame structure of various materials. Various plants go up vertically to form a local plant wall system, highlighting the decorative value. In recent years, it is in fashion and has become popular in indoor and outdoor decoration and design.

Artificial Framed Plants Wall vs. Real Framed Vertical Garden

When it comes to making a decision, there are two main types for you-the fake plants in frame vs. natural plants. And you may be interested in some key differences between them.


Advantages of artificial framed plants art:

  • Low maintenance even negligible to save your time and cost
  • Moveable and easy to install
  • Evergreen beauty will never disappear
  • High safe for interior use without attracting bugs
  • No space and sunshine limit that make it adjustable to any room
  • Eco-friendly and immune to weeds, infection, and little critters
  • No worry to overgrow of plants which destroy the frame structure

Are there different types of artificial frame plants?

The answer is absolute, yes, and let us free the bound of mind because there are more types, styles, and colors than your image. With a reliable artificial plants supplier and design team, you totally can bespeak your framed vertical garden, in your opinion.


Framed moss wall design and customized preserved moss

The real but lifeless reindeer preserved moss has responded enthusiastically in the decoration market and turned into a certain trend. If you are seeking artistic plant sculptures, the framed moss garden is the best choice.

Boxwood hedges in frame

Made of the highest quality material available on the market nowadays, our boxwood hedges are naturally accurate with textures and colors. Combining attractively with the frame structure, it will show your taste, whether indoors and outdoors.

Simulation plants in framed garden

The framed simulation plant garden is the crystallization of the designers’ creativity. More abundant and three-
dimensional gardening art gathers whether indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, this frame is an inspiring and beautiful existence.

10+ Framed Plants Ideas For Your Space

Considering a plant frame design, like any decorative design and plant layout, there are multiple angles to coordinate, such as its material, size, type, texture, shape, and color. Before making a decision, check out some of these ideas in advance for customized design whenever and wherever possible.

Classic square/rectangular vertical garden frame-Classic square frame plant art is easy to grow real plants and create wall decorative art. For artificial plants as well, beautiful and can be integrated into the decoration design.

Elegant disc framed vertical garden-Round photo frames are common, and you can customize the size and material. Try a little creativity and hide the led lights into the disc vertical garden in the frame to get fun and elegant at the same time.

Custom-shaped plants frame-Shaped photo frames such as crescent, half-moon, etc. are within our custom range.

Moss frame-Combine frame art with preserved moss which has gone through exceptional care, is ideal for modern urban interiors and rustic improvement.

Reclaimed wood/Alloy materials frame– If you have preferred classical, modern, or fusion, reclaimed wooden and alloy materials both are great to incorporate or use to create a vertical garden in frames.

Interior decor-Wild and handpicked plants bring the touch of nature and green as they are adept in bringing the outdoors in.

Outdoor use-Making the right selection of plants growing well in external environments and premium frames that won’t decay is a favorable choice for vertical wall art.

DIY framed wall-Nothing is more enjoyable than creating your own 3D mosaic to be flexible in the form of standing or suspending vertically.

How to maintain framed plants wall art?

For those of you who have decided on the simulated plant option, maintenance is no longer among the issues that need to be bothered about. You need to remove the accumulated dust regularly to make it look as clean as new.

Of course, framed moss products are a different story. Although they are also easy to maintain, please keep the relatively fragile moss away from open flames or direct sunlight to keep it safe and use it for a long time.

Finally, we could say that framed plant wall art will introduce natural design concepts and elements into your living and working environments if you’re up for a project, welcome to leave something to [email protected].

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