Brand New Artificial Vertical Garden Series

Home decoration has become one of the focuses of people’s attention in recent years. In consideration of convenience and cost, artificial plant decoration has become the first choice of many people.

Artificial Plants Factory in China

China has a large number of working-age laborers and is also a world-famous producer. Therefore, there are many artificial plant factories and product types that can be provided. Here, you can find products of different price points and specifications; no matter what grade your positioning is, you can choose the items you need.

New Design of Chinese Artificial Vertical Garden series

There are many artificial plant products. Let’s take the vertical garden as an example. The panels, handles, and color choices are slightly different, which may be different design styles. Many of these artificial plant walls are independent individuals after the design is completed. Generally speaking, if you directly purchase the finished product for decoration, most buyers will only choose one item because it is difficult to combine two different artificial vertical gardens without a trace.

Artificial plant wall splicing

In 2020, the three new artificial vertical plant walls of the H series belonged to the same style, full of wild beauty. Its size is very suitable for splicing. Any two of these three products can be matched together when you are doing wall decoration. When designing, there are more choices. The color matching and shape of the bundle have been carefully selected. The main hue is dark green, and the finished product is also very dense. This series of plant walls use iron mesh as the bottom plate, which is strong and easy to install. An only iron mesh can have such a good load-bearing capacity.

Artificial Garden Wall Application

This product has a darker color and is not suitable for interior decoration with a small space. Still, the product’s overall collocation is out of the ordinary and can be used to decorate halls with open spaces and good light, and various outdoor places. Our designer has a professional garden design background, so the product design is very close to nature. When you use artificial vertical gardens for garden decoration, they will integrate with the surrounding environment.

This year’s new items are designs decided after many attempts, satisfying most people’s preferences. If you have any new ideas for the product, we will continue to improve and innovate.

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Brand New Artificial Vertical Garden Series


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