Artificial Walls Ideas for Offices and Hotels in 2021

It is common for designers of hotels and offices to integrate artificial plant elements in their works. What about building artificial walls? Whether it is a large area of artificial plant walls or photo frame plant art, it can inject a different natural atmosphere into the hotel or office environment and save a series of costs for maintaining real plants. The following are the latest plant wall ideas for hotels and offices in 2021 to inspire.

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Go bold in office with green artificial walls

Colorful moss wall with logos and patterns

Moss is real, but it has no life already. After a dehydration and dyeing process, it becomes an excellent decorative material. Under the designer’s rich creativity, they are made into various unexpected patterns or specific logos by the splicing and combination to form a perfect plant wall. It not only retains the appearance of real plants but also combines artificial design concepts to shine in office design.


Of course, we accept customized patterns. For example, this moss wall is inspired by the world-famous painting-“Girl with Pearl Earrings.” We use the reindeer moss material to create the second time’s masterpiece. On the one hand, we restore the original painting’s charm with the same color and composition with awe and love. On the other hand, the moss’s special fluffy texture can produce a unique chemical reaction with the picture.


Do you want to make a unique logo display? No problem, the moss wall with custom characters can meet your requirements.


Try plants wall to fill the open space

The office place tends to appear empty and pale and lacks vitality in the whole surrounding, which is obviously not conducive to employees’ physical and mental health and stimulates their enthusiasm. How to decorate and make good use of open spaces like corridors, office cubicles, or meeting rooms? A green wall with artificial plants absolutely is a good solution.

artificial vertical green wall for office

First of all, there will be many agreements that these employees do not have time to take care of so many cute green creatures in the office, not to mention larger plants wall. Professional gardeners obviously can solve this problem and keep this office environment with beautiful greenery, but it means additional cost. So that’s why we recommend artificial options.

Besides, artificial plants with B level fire retardant meet people’s hope of safety, which effectively stop the fire from spreading further when disaster strikes.

Finally, large-sized vertical gardens have certain soundproof functions and reduce noise, which is suitable for spaces like meeting rooms and so on.

See artificial walls as art in hotel decor

As you can see in the video, the application of plant walls in hotel design is diverse. The hotel designer must bring the best experience to the occupants in all aspects while taking into account the cost. Artificial plants are obviously the best choice. Here are some recommended ideas.

artificial vertical garden for swimming pool

On the top floor or open space swimming pool, hotel owners can add artificial plant walls to provide shelter and privacy while enhancing the customer experience while providing visual enjoyment. Moreover, the UV-treated blades can maintain the same as new ones under long-term direct sunlight and will not cause trouble due to fading and deformation.

artificial hanging plant

Regardless of the capacity, the banquet hall decoration is worthy of attention. The ceiling-suspended plant wall is unique and beautiful, a difficult part for real plants. Combined with lighting, such a special plane can also be used to the extreme, becoming a magnificent focus of sight and enhancing the banquet experience to the best.


The reception area is the first place for customers to contact the hotel, and the comfortable plant wall design will surely bring a good first impression.

home decor with artificial foliage wall

The importance of guest room design is unquestionable. The plant wall does not contain any heavy metals or harmful substances. Designers can rest assured to set it in the guest room. In addition to a series of advantages such as noise reduction, sound insulation, and flame retardancy, the plant wall itself can make People feel inner peace and relieve mental fatigue.

In a word, as a popular decorative element, plant walls are very suitable for places like offices or hotels. If you have any inspiration, welcome to discuss with us; if you have any questions or interests, please feel free to contact:  [email protected].

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