Artificial Plants Ideas for Construction Industry

Artificial Plants Ideas for Construction Industry

If you work in construction industry, we highly recommend you to combine artificial plants in your projects. Why?

No matter you are a landscaper, property developer, architect or designer, as long as you are doing business related with construction, you must be aware of that creativity and design are become more and more important in this industry. They may improve the ability to win projects, and increase profit margin sometimes. In a word, artificial plants are a great helper to the so called “sense of design”.

Before we come to the decoration ideas, let’s briefly talk about why we prefer the artificial one other than the real plants.

1, Little maintenance. Artificial plant doesn’t require sunshine, air or watering, and it requires Little human care. So, it has a high-cost performance ratio when considering labor cost.
2, Easy to install, and easy to move. Unlike real one, fake plant is easy to move to another place. Even for those artificial vertical gardens, it’s easy to reinstall them to another wall. But thinking of moving a living wall, that will be a huge task.
3, Long lasting. The artificial one never die and will not be influenced by weather or season. Thus, you can place them wherever you like.
4, Don’t need to worry about allergies. According to the AAFA (Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America), more than 50 million Americans are affected every year by allergies. So, for public spaces such as offices, restaurants and stores, fake plant is a safer choice.

Above are the reasons why artificial plants have a place in construction industry. And below, we’d like to show you some ideas in using artificial plants for construction.


Idea 1: Cover an unsightly wall with artificial vertical garden

No matter you want to refurbish an unsightly wall, or beatify it to a next level, artificial vertical garden will be a good choice. In order to be beautiful and close to nature, many indoor projects choose to pave artificial hedge panels. For the citizens, after a day’s hard work, they are eager to get rid of daily routine and just relax. A green wall is such a great welcome that can let them feel comfortable and restful.

Create a surprise overhead with artificial hanging plants

Idea 2: Create a surprise overhead with artificial hanging plants

Fake hanging plants can save floor space, and protect the plants out of children or pets.  So, brighten up the lifeless space with artificial hanging plants is a popular way. Making the faux hanging plants spill out like a waterfall from the ceiling dramatically toward the floor is a great way that is suitable for porch, patio or public space decoration.

Create a surprise overhead with artificial hanging plants

Idea 3: Keep surrounding lively with artificial potted tree

Artificial potted tree can be placed almost everywhere as it doesn’t need sunshine or watering. They look almost the same like the real one and have varieties of shapes and styles. With stable pots, they can be placed anywhere, such as the TV cabinet, the locker, the bookcase, etc., to make the house full of dreamy beauty. Also, it could be placed in office, hotel lobby, restaurant to give the place a fresh new look.

Applications of Artificial potted tree Monstera Foliage


Idea 1: Divide the space beautifully with artificial hedge in planter

Artificial hedges in planters are as simple as it gets – simply drop them into place and they’re ready to go! The best benefit of this product is that it does not need to be attached to any existing external walls or fences. You can put it outdoors or indoors to divide space. You may also use it to avoid sunshine. As long as you want to set a private space, you could consider the hedge in planter as privacy screens.

Divide the space beautifully with artificial hedge in planter

Idea 2: Build a dense privacy screen with artificial boxwood hedge

Boxwood hedge has different density. If we use it to keep privacy, we’d better choose high density type such as this one. In this way, other than bringing realistic greenery to backyards, it could also create an ideal privacy fence. What’s more, it could be used in many other places such as swimming pool, hotel, restaurant or patio.

Build a dense privacy screen with artificial boxwood hedge

Idea 3: Create a three-dimensional decoration with artificial topiary tree

A three-dimensional decoration could be easily realized with topiary tree or topiary letter. What’s more, with the UV-stable foliage materials, these topiary trees can withstand harsh weather and strong lights for years out.

Create a three-dimensional decoration with artificial topiary tree

So far, if you are interested in any indoor and outdoor artificial plants, please feel free to contact Sunwing thru [email protected] for a free catalog with pricing, and we will answer any questions you have online.

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