Artificial Plant Recommendation to Fresh Up the Office

No matter you are a property owner wanting to decorate the office, or an interior landscaper needing to finish a project, artificial plant will be your right hand. Real plant can bring color, texture, and life to an office. But busy white-collar workers don’t have enough time or energy to take care of it. That’s where a fake plant can really come in handy. If you want to learn deep into the pros and cons, you can click here to have a view.

Before we come into the design recommendations, here are a few reasons WHY artificial plant should have a place in your work space.

  • Plants in offices increase work productivity

“15% more productive when “lean” workplaces are filled with just a few houseplants, as employees who actively engage with their surroundings are better workers” …This has been put forward by a study (click to view detail). A plant, no matter fake or real, is a beautiful thing. It can make employees happy, thus making them more productive in work. Even though office is a serious place, plants can add some vigor and vitality to it.

  • Plants in offices help reducing stress

Work is important, so is health. Working professionals are facing fierce competitions nowadays, which makes them very stressful. Adding indoor plants are beneficial ways to combat stress. The plants will make the whole environment more relaxed, bringing the nature indoors. Even in the form of fake plant, the contact with” nature” will have a positive effect on human brain and thus reducing their stress and anxiety.

In a word, placing some fake plants in the office will contribute to the whole environment and employee’s mood and working result. So, hereby, we would like to recommend some artificial plants arrangement in the office.

Build a vertical garden in the front desk

It goes without saying that the front desk is one of the most important places in the office. In one way, it is going to be the starting point to show the customers the soul of your company. On the other hand, it is the place to welcome the employees every morning. So, a vivid and fascinating plant wall will not only contribute to the company’s spirited culture, which will motivate employees to take risks and make miracles; but also endows them with happiness and power when they are ready to work every morning.

artificial plant for front desk

“Live up” the meeting room with artificial plant wall

The role of the traditional conference room is changing and evolving. Even meeting can be fun! To some extent, a relaxing and lively meeting room may be more suitable for brainstorm, help bring out more creative ideas. Creating a pleasant meeting environment and having an office design that makes everyone feel comfortable has a lot to do with the way a meeting goes and how it is perceived. Have you ever considered artificial green wall? If not, then this is an area to think about.

artificial plant for meeting room

Let the green wall be a symbol for the rest area

Creating a positive workplace atmosphere is crucial in terms of both workplace happiness and team members’ productivity and energy levels. Nowadays, more and more offices have set an area as “rest area”, where employees can have a small rest, enjoy a cup of office or make small talk. The decoration of such area is usually inseparably bound up with plants. No matter fake or real, the plants make the area more relaxing and enjoyable. They can help create an indeed pleasant living environment, which can meet employees’ requirement of getting a real relax.

artificial plant for rest area

Customize your logos and patterns with colorful moss wall 

A few letters can precisely present your attitude regarding making a statement for companies. The reason why moss frame art is full of novelty is that it can be bespoke without worries about the color scheme at any time. So, instead of the metal logo, why not try something new? SUNWING preserved moss mats are manufactured by the original natural moss collected from remote mountains. By dehydration and recreation, we restored the reindeer moss’s actual appearance in the wild and turned it into a residential & commercial landscape. It gradually becomes the interior designers’ favorite for its instant wild beauty with the lowest maintenance.

Customize your logos and patterns with colorful moss wall 

Above are the recommendation made by Sunwing to fresh up your office. If you want to learn more about Sunwing products, please feel free to contact us thru [email protected] for a free catalog, and we will answer any questions you have in time.

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