Applying colorful hedges panels in the 4 popular indoor design styles

Artificial hedges panels now break people’s established impressions. In addition to the traditional dark and light green options, the colors are more abundant, and there are more pattern designs, etc., which are integrated with many popular modern decoration styles and become a highlight in them. People extended it from decorative courtyard fences and combined it with design to construct visual art. Maybe you still don’t have any clues here? It’s okay, follow my steps to:

>>Which popular interior decoration styles are compatible with hedges panels?

>>How to choose the right hedges panels?

>>Advantages of hedges panels applying



Which popular interior decoration styles are compatible with hedges panels?

French Country Design Style

french country style

The French country design style first reminds people of warm earthy colors. Taking the farmhouse as a source of inspiration, it may contain warm and soft tones such as red, yellow, or gold. Simultaneously, natural materials like bricks or stones, gorgeous porcelain, heavy linen fabrics, and wooden furniture can also enhance the style.

Warm-toned hedges panels, for example, yellow fences or maple fences, can blend well with this style. The plant elements in a uniform tone echo the countryside’s concept, achieving a balance between roughness and refinement.


Coastal Design Style

coastal design

The coastal style is also known as the Hampton style. It is an interior decoration style inspired by the ocean and the beach, characterized by a bright and refreshing, well-lit indoor environment and accessories with marine elements. In the color palette, people usually match light colors with neutral colors, such as beige, white, and blue-green. Blue and white stripes are the most classic element.

In my mind, palm leaves, sun, beach, and ocean can easily form a unified and harmonious picture. Therefore, it is natural to use artificial vertical garden walls or palm-potted plants in coastal style designs. Although this is not one of the themes suitable for all types of houses, re-editing the combination of plant walls, marine elements, and wooden elements may be novel and comfortable for the house.

sunwing artificial plants wall panels

Traditional Europ Design style

traditional Europe design

Traditional home design elements include luxurious dark wood furniture and richly textured fabrics such as velvet, silk, and brocade. Pay attention to classic details and accessories, and the design often has well performed in-depth, layering and size.

Compared with flat decorative paintings, the frame fence can highlight the characteristics of layering and size. And the framed hedges pattern friendly to DIY design, you can customize the exclusive green wall art that fits the traditional design style more.


Nordic Design

nortic design style

As a hot decorative style in recent years, we can’t say enough good things about Nordic design. In fact, this design style has existed since World War II and keeps hot in North Europe, but it has been well-known and widely sought after in recent years. It is characterized by as simple as possible lines, minimalism, and a transparent sense of space, which brings a unique sense of comfort, so it is not difficult to understand why so many people bring Scandinavian style into their homes.

Color is always an important starting point for the design. To avoid decorating the overall sound, the color is soft in the Nordic style, as the bottom plate of other elements and blending them. The soft blue hedges panel wall can serve as such a background role very well.

Besides, framed plants also suit this style well, which show senses in simple decor.

artificial hedges panels in nordic design

How to choose the right artificial hedges panels?

There is no distinction in choosing all the furniture or accessories for interior decoration. The right artificial fence product must serve the overall style to create a comfortable and satisfactory space. You can do well with the following “3C”:

  1. Check the decoration style, as well as the overall feeling and atmosphere of the space and the matching of accessories.
  2. Choose the type and color of the artificial fence and even the pattern, including the vertical garden, frame hedges, or fence wall.
  3. Calculating size is a significant step, and you even can customize a suitable size to fit your room.


Advantages of hedges panels applying

Highly lifelike– The lush and high simulation plant wall brings evergreen nature into the indoor environment.

Easy maintenance– No watering cultivation, no need to spend a lot of energy and time to care.

Eco-friendly– Using fresh PE materials without heavy metals, causing little pressure on the environment.

UV-treated and Fire resistance– High-quality artificial fence products that have passed SGS-verified ultraviolet and fire resistance tests.

Long service time– 3-5 years of useful life, even longer in indoor environments; without frequent replacement, saving cost.



All in all, colorful hedges panels perform well in various interior designs, in addition to what we have mentioned above. If you’re up for a design project, welcome to leave a message to [email protected]

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