A Full Guide to Artificial Vertical Green Wall Indoors and Outdoors

A Full Guide to Artificial Vertical Green Wall Indoors and Outdoors

The recent trend of artificial vertical green wall is becoming widespread at a surprisingly quick pace. If you are in the gardening industry or deal with business related with gardening, we strongly recommend you to have an in-depth knowledge of it. What is it? How to choose between artificial one and real one? Where to use? Where to buy? Don’t worry, here comes a full guide, and we will help you solve the problems one by one.

What is a vertical green wall?

Vertical green wall, also known as vertical garden, is increasing in popularity so rapidly. On one hand, it could bring more vitality and green to urban life. In this way, it could help people living in tight quarters to enjoy nature in and outside of their homes. On the other hand, it is ideally suited to backyard, roof garden, hotel, restaurant or even working area to maximize space artfully and efficiently as it’s no longer limited to small spaces.

How to choose between artificial vertical garden and real one?

When making up your mind to set a vertical green wall, you will surely take design and cost into consideration. Creating a vertical garden can be as simple or complex as desired; and you need to have a balance between creativity and labor cost. Here comes a “competition” between artificial vertical garden and the real one. The first step you need to take is to decide which one to deal with.

Artificial Vertical Green Walls Real Vertical Green Walls
Pros 1, Little maintenance. Don’t require sunshine or watering. Little human care
2, Easy to install, and easy to move
3, Long lasting. They never die and will not be influenced by weather or season.
4,Don’t need to worry about allergies.
1, Benefit the environment by filtering and purifying the air
2, Attract insects from bees to birds, creating a real garden for animals of all kinds
3, Balance the humidity of the surrounding

Based on the information above, we recommend that you can give artificial vertical garden a try. So, from now on, let’s have more knowledge on it.

What to pay attention to when choosing artificial vertical green wall?

When choosing artificial vertical green wall, please put these aspects in priority.

1, Material: Fresh PE or recycled PE. We Sunwing use totally fresh PE, so it’s good to both health and the environment. Of course, the cost will be a little bit higher than those using recycled PE.

2, Certificate: Is the product fire safe and UV proof? The UV proof character will determine the service life of artificial green wall especially outdoors. And if you use them for commercial cases, we recommend you to choose fire retardant type as it will be safer.

3, Customization: there could be a great various of design types as long as you have imagination. So, if the existing design cannot meet your requirement, don’t forget to ask if the supplier can provide bespoke design.

The picture below shows Sunwing’s product character. Click here to have a deeper look.

Sunwing artificial wall garden features

Where to use artificial vertical garden wall?

The answer is, it could be used almost everywhere, making a calming effect by these beautifully green. The most frequently using cases are as below:

Home: You may simply want to add some green to your balcony, or dress up the dull fence. It won’t take you much time and energy, but is a real feast for the eyes. What’s more, it can also act as a privacy screen to keep you away from the outside noisy world, just enjoy your secret place!

artificial vertical green wall for home

Office: It’s quite necessary to add some “relaxing thing” to the office. As a manager, you may want your working area to be more vivid, giving less pressure to the staff. Therefore, you can take artificial vertical garden into consideration. It won’t need water and sunshine, so it’s fine to put it indoors. You can also put it in the reception counter, giving a deep impression to your visitors.

artificial vertical green wall for office

Public place: For hotel, restaurant, bars or other reception areas, a good environment is crucial for the whole success.  Thanks to artificial vertical green wall, it brings commercial places to life.

artificial vertical green wall for public place

So far, if you are interested in any indoor and outdoor vertical green wall products, please feel free to contact Sunwing thru [email protected] for a free catalog with pricing, and we will answer any questions you have online.

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