A Deep Look into The Application of Artificial Vertical Garden

A Deep Look into The Application of Artificial Vertical Garden

Artificial Vertical Garden, with another name fake green wall or fake plant wall, is the term referring to all form of faux vegetated wall surfaces. In comparison with the traditional garden, vertical gardens are an alternative for those who don’t have a lot of horizontal space but want to cover an unattractive wall. And in comparison with the traditional living green walls, fake green wall also enters the mainstream these days due to its easy-installation and long-lasting.

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has profoundly impacted all areas of the world in 2020, garden industry is no exception. People spend more time at home and can hardly go out and play. Artificial vertical garden is counted as a way to help brighten the space and bring urban people to nature. So, where to use it and how to use it? Here let’s have a deep look into it.

Restaurant Application

Going to the restaurant is about more than just eating the food, it’s about the experience. Having a great environment will not only encourage visitors to enter, but also stay longer, consume more and ultimately increase the profits of the restaurant. Vertical garden can surely contribute the whole ambience, thus creating a positive effect.

  • Warm welcome

The first impression of a restaurant usually depends on the entry hall. You may use artificial vertical garden to decorate it, giving a warm welcome to those visitors, helping them get rid of the daily routine and entering into a peaceful and relaxing environment. Especially for those restaurants whose themes are healthy, original ecological or organic food, such kind of decoration can let visitors understand their culture at first sight.

artificial vertical garden in the entry hall

  • Divide the space

It’s a science to balance the limited restaurant space with a comfortable eating experience. On one hand, we want to maximize the space to contain more visitors; on the other hand, visitors’ privacy is also an important consideration. Thanks to artificial green wall, it can solve the problem practically and beautifully. If you don’t want to share space with strangers, you can have your private space surrounded with artificial green leaves.

artificial vertical garden for privacy in restaurant

  • Surprise in unexpected place

Why not give surprise to the visitors in some unexpected place? Pale ceilings, damp bathrooms, or dark recesses… artificial plants will always be a great solution to these decoration difficulties. As they don’t need watering or sunshine, they will not decay for years.

artificial hanging plants

Home Application

  • Live up the living room

Unlike real living plants, artificial green walls require little maintenance and care. You don’t need to worry about damaging the wall by watering; or dirtying the room by feeding. All you need to do is install them easily, wipe them once a while and enjoy the bright scenery at home! Just customize the size to fit your wall surfaces according to design requirements.

home decor with artificial foliage wall

  • Enjoy a sunning balcony

For a balcony, you may plant many flowers to feast your eyes, clean the air and attract butterflies maybe. At the same time, you could also install an artificial plant wall as it could save your energy a lot. When choosing artificial plant for outdoor use, remember to choose UV proof style as it may extend the service life.

artificial vertical garden for balcony

Commercial Application

Artificial vertical garden has been widely used in commercial areas including hotels, shopping malls, sales office and even parking lots. It’s recognized as an excellent wall decoration, bringing energy and vitality to the urban area. Here are a list of application projects showing you where to use and how to use green walls.

  • For Swimming pool

This beautiful wall decoration can bring a good mood to people resting by the pool. What’s more, when settled outsides, it can also help provide a private space. You may choose different color and design according to the surroundings.

artificial vertical garden for swimming pool

  • For Shopping mall

No matter outdoors or indoors, vertical garden is a great decoration idea. What’s more, besides boxwood hedge and other foliage wall, have you heard of moss wall before? It’s a newly emerging fashion. On one hand, it can present awesome visual effect; on the other hand, it can help reduce noise pollution and provide sound insulation. We also provide this kind of products other than artificial garden wall. You may click here to learn more.

artificial vertical garden for shopping mall

  • For other places

artificial vertical garden projects

Temporary Use Application

Having an artificial vertical garden can impress your customers, guests, and friends. It is ideal for photo background and can be of temporary use in weddings, birthday parties, barbeques, and other events.

artificial vertical garden for temporary use

So far, if you are interested in any indoor and outdoor vertical green wall products, please feel free to contact Sunwing thru [email protected] for a free catalog with pricing, and we will answer any questions you have online.

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