7 Genius Vertical Garden Ideas For House Decor

When you get rid of the constraints of planting and cultivating natural flowers and plants, the creativity of integrating vertical garden in interior decoration will be more free and unconstrained. It is not impossible to mix flowers and plants from different living conditions and diverse regions to create your dream garden on the premise of artificial. Good news for interior designers can find various vertical garden design ideas here to meet multiple budget conditions. We hope the following seven ideas can bring you inspiration and create the unique and beautiful interior decoration.

Living room vertical garden wall

If your living room has enough space, why not try creating a unique and bright plant wall! Try to install the dense leaf panel easily on the designated wall and add bright blossoms and trailing greenery, bringing a touch of nature to your space.

Furthermore, the maintenance is more straightforward than your imagination, which means when dust stains them, you solo need to wrap it off, and there is no need to worry about watering will badly damage the wall or break quickly.


Simultaneously, the artificial flower and plants mixing light and dark colors will make the wall look great. Just customize the size to fit your wall surfaces according to design requirements.


Setting up artificial plant wall in the restaurant

When you enjoy the food with your family at home, the natural atmosphere must be a great choice. Greenery can brighten you up, and the artificial flower plants wall is a perfect combination of luxury life and your living space without the need to maintain.


With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for product quality. Safety must be the top priority; Some artificial flowers and plants using cheap and inferior materials may produce peculiar smells and even toxic substances after being placed in the house. Of course, you don’t need to worry about this when choosing quality products. As a professional and experienced vertical garden supplier, Sunwing has been committed to producing high-quality artificial plants for many years. Using 100% fresh PE material, you can rest assured and put it in indoor environments such as restaurants. And it will not fade and damage easily and can last for more than five years without accidents.

Framed artificial flower plants for indoor decor


Decorative paintings may no longer meet your needs for wall decoration and look pale and dull. Try to use frame artificial flowers and plants which perfectly combines vertical gardens and decorative paintings so that decoration is not limited to a single plane. Simultaneously, framed artificial plants have lower requirements for space, and you can place them on any wall in your home, such as the dining room, living room, bedroom, and corridor.

Decorative balcony with vertical garden design

When setting up a vertical garden to beautify your balcony space, you don’t have to worry that its service life will be less than indoors. Because during its production process, we add UV proof materials to make it remain the original appearance even if you place it on the balcony that extends outside and espouses it under sunlight and rain.


Light up the corners of the stairs with an artificial plants wall

How to creatively make every corner of the room full of fun and no longer dull must be challenging. Set up an irregular and designed vertical garden at the corner of the stairs to make the otherwise inconspicuous part beautiful and attractive.

verticial garden indoor design

Usually, our vertical garden panels have certain specifications and sizes, but we can customize unique products for your design in customer needs.

DIY artificial plants and flowers wall

With a unique vision, you can freely DIY your artificial plant walls. Just choose the right panel according to the design and add or reduce artificial flowers and plant bundles, and you can get a vertical garden with entirely different styles and senses. On the other hand, you can even incorporate some logos or patterns into the design and obtain them through customization.

indoor artificial plants wall-logo

Besides, under the precondition that people’s living standards continue to improve and the requirements for product quality and safety increase together, using the artificial plant wall safely indoors will be an essential issue for consumers and designers to consider. You don’t have to worry about this at all because Sunwing’s IFR (inherently fire rated) vertical garden is certified by ISO13823 for fire protection, which can block the spread of fire to a certain extent in the event of a disaster and add a safety factor to the home environment.

Reindeer moss wall

A plant wall made of reindeer moss will bring a completely different visual experience. Compared with fresh plants, moss walls have more brilliant colors and the advantage of saving time and energy to take care of them.


You can choose to lay the overall wall; of course, the frame’s design is also suitable for moss products.

I hope that the vertical garden application above can bring you some inspiration, and Sunwing is always looking forward to contacting you if you have any interest.


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