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7 Best Artificial Vines Decorating Your Wall|Indoor and Outdoor Design

Artificial vines have always been popular in indoor and outdoor wall decorations, which will continue in 2021. We are pleased to share decoration ideas and hot ivy product information; you have come to the right place! Perhaps you will get some inspiration for using artificial vine indoors and outdoors to upgrade your decoration and design business.

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>>What you should keep in mind when choose artificial vines?

>>7 best artificial vine shine in your work


What you should keep in mind when choose artificial vines?

Artificial vine products are rich in the catalog, updating the residential and commercial decor in various forms. When you decide to archive artificial vine series to enrich your design or decoration ideas, don’t ignore the following 5 points.

Location-Indoor or outdoor environment, weather situation, and even specific application actually affect your decision because artificial vines perform differently in those situations.

Material-100% Fresh PE, silk, and more choices for the pick to deal with various sites.

Types-There is no limit to the faux ivy vines shapes. It may form a vine-green wall, hang on the ceiling, or appear as a potted plant.

Maintenance-It does not require the three elements necessary for natural plants’ survival, such as sunshine, water, and air, and even without excessive care, simple installation can maintain the perennial charm.

Condition-UV treated, fire resistance, waterproof, and more optional conditions upgrade artificial vines’ value to all customers.


7 best artificial vines will shine in your work

  1. Best Artificial Hanging Ivy Vines

With fabulous craftsmanship and an evergreen appearance, the delightful artificial hanging ivy is a perfect artificial hanging vine to bring organic beauty to your home to the next level. No needing extra floor space, it’s ideal for limited room to shine.


  1. Top Artificial Ceiling Wall Fern

Artificial hanging fern is a kind of artificial wall hanging plant close to real fern in shape and does not need pruning and watering. You can hang it on the wall, DIY bouquet, home decoration, indoor and outdoor decoration, garden, office, balcony, wedding decoration. These lovely simulated ferns are the ideal choice for ceiling wall decor.


  1. Best Artificial Vines Creepers for Green Wall Decoration

As one of our most exquisite and artful offerings, the faux creepers look vivid in appearance and have not only one style. Money leaves, snapdragons leaves, and bamboo leave branches all have the artificial vines vision for interior and outside decor.

Best Artificial Vines Creepers for Green Wall Decoration

  1. Indoor Artificial Hanging Potted Plants

Adding the pot, you can put it in each corner of your home. And as the leaves are sideways, the center of gravity will be slightly biased. Therefore, we chose to use cement to achieve the purpose of weighting the base.

More flexible for use and suitable to bring organic energy to home, office or restaurant, etc.

Indoor Artificial Hanging Potted Plants

  1. Silk Ivy Leaves Privacy Fence Screen

The Ivy vine is wound and fixed on an expandable grid to form a fence or screen with various functions. Silk lifelike foliages easily add greenery to your space, and the LED lights hidden in the faux silk leaves can instantly illuminate your garden at night and provides an elegant space to sweep your worries away.

Silk Ivy Leaves Privacy Fence Screen

  1. Decorative Faux Flower Trellis with Ivy Leaves

Faux Flower Trellis with Ivy Leaves comes with faux foliage and additional flowers. It is often used as the fence to beautify unsightly views of your home. With a flexible shape and portable size, it can be blend seamlessly to fit into any garden setting.

Decorative Faux Flower Trellis with Ivy Leaves

  1. Lush Faux Ivy Fence Privacy Screen

Made of durable materials, this faux ivy fence roll is fire resistance and UV-treated, which you can easily lay in fences, grills, walls, or other areas.

Dense vines can provide good privacy, and you can use them to cover the unsightly parts of the courtyard perfectly.

Lush Faux Ivy Fence Privacy Screen


Amounts of artificial vines are widely used in interior and outdoor decoration and landscape, and Sunwing is looking forward to this recommendation that will inspire you and brighten your work. You can get any more details from [email protected] 

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