7 Best Artificial Garlands And Wreaths For Wedding| Easy Buying Guide of Faux Garlands&Wreaths

Listen, the wedding bell has rung. I mean, the “bride-to-be” season is coming as the weather is getting warmer. For newlyweds and wedding planners, decorating the wedding scene is a top priority on the big day’s all plan list. Yes, those flowers with good and hopeful symbolize are essential in the wedding site, and I think artificial garlands and wreaths are a better choice. Here I would like to comment to you, why you should choose artificial wreaths and which ones are worth recommending.

In this article, you will know:

>>>7 Best Artificial Garlands And Wreaths For Wedding

>>>How artificial garlands and wreaths came into the wedding?

>>>Why choose artificial garlands&wreaths at weddings?

7 Best Artificial Garlands And Wreaths For Wedding

  1. Faux Ivy Garland with PE Foliage



The stunning faux ivy garland made with PE material is a perfect element for creating a natural and beautiful set-up to enjoy. You can use the lifelike greenery for almost any occasion such as dining room, garden, balcony, wedding, party, etc. It will look gorgeous when draped along with doors or hung on the wall.

  1. Floral Hanging Vines with Plastic Leaves



The leaf part is made of PE material, and the flower part is made of silk.

They look fantastic when the strand combined with flowers and foliage are dropped along with windows or wrapped around stairs.

  1. Artificial Flower Wreaths With Gold-plated Iron Ring



Unlike artificial plant wreaths with tuckahoe rattan circles, this type comes in a gold-plated iron ring. In contrast, the gilded one looks more straightforward but more textured and gorgeous.

  1. Decorative Artificial Silk Wreath With Mixed Leaves And Flowers

There two different styles,one of them is WF001:


White hydrangea: A large group of hydrangea occupies the main sightline. It symbolizes hope and light, giving people a sense of holiness.

Pink and champagne European-style roses: Pink roses are a symbol of first love, while champagne roses represent dreams and love loyalty.

French eucalyptus leaves: It is small and cute, which plays a useful role in setting off.

Silver chrysanthemum leaf: It neutralizes the color of the flower.

Fern leaf rattan: The emerald green color shows the flower’s beauty to the greatest extent.

The other is WF002:


Pink roses and pink hydrangea: Both are related to a beautiful love. Specifically, the pink rose represents first love, while pink hydrangea means looking forward to love. Owing to the romantic pink, the combination of the two kinds of flowers is particularly harmonious.

Eucalyptus ginkgo cane: Without a doubt, it’s a kind of easy matching foliage in the floral arrangements. To distinguish it from the pure silk garland, we produce the green eucalyptus ginkgo cane that serves as an accessory, more friendly to the eyes.

  1. Door Flower Wreath With Paper Wrapped Floral Iron Wire Craft



We use paper-wrapped floral iron wire craft, with silk flowers winding around the periphery. It is not easy to deform, but the wire inside will not rust.

  1. Silk Flower Wreaths With Tuckahoe Vine Circle



This section is not the same as floral wreaths that take up the whole vine circle. It’s clear from the pictures that we wind these artificial flowers and leaves only half of the tuckahoe vine circle.

  1. Stylish Front Door Wreaths With Diverse Leaves



Because of fresh PE material, this garland is very durable and can be used with different wedding themes.

How artificial garlands and wreaths came into the wedding?

In fact, tracing the long river of history, people have used flowers in weddings as early as ancient Rome. At that time, the bride carried or wore a wreath, thinking that the flowers symbolized a new starting point, loyalty, and fertility hope. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that strong-smelling herbs and spices could ward off evil spirits, bad luck, and poor health and help conceal odors in the body.

The Greek bride wears a crown made of olive branches and prays to the goddess of marriage Hera for refuge. Ivy and white flowers symbolize a long and sweet marriage.

In the Victorian era, wedding bouquets became popular and continue to this day. When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, she wore an orange flower crown, held a bouquet of myrtle, and used many flowers at the wedding.

In modern times, flowers are still important in weddings. From flowers to arches to corsages, flowers can be seen everywhere, even in the simplest wedding.

But modern weddings are not limited to using flowers, and artificial garlands can play the same role. Artificial silk flower technology was born long ago, and with the development of craftsmanship, it has become more and more popular and shines in the wedding scene.

Wedding bouquet

Why choose artificial garlands&wreaths at weddings?

Maybe you still doubt replace real flowers with artificial garlands, even if they are the best.

Indeed, choosing those artificial products with less experience causes difficulty and makes you encounter shoddy stuff, all that is upset. But rest assured, we will avoid these problems for you.

First, you need to know why to use artificial garlands in weddings and see how they can benefit you.

1.keep the big day’s memory

A wedding is a big day for anyone, and every second of its memories is worth keeping. But flowers are destined to be fleeting and cannot be preserved, and artificial plants can preserve these beautiful things for you.

2.Do not worry about withering

Similarly, artificial wreaths are not easy to deform and fade, and they will not wither. There is no need to worry about it not maintaining the best condition on the wedding day.

3.Insects free

The fresh bouquet attracts insects, such as wasps, flies, etc., which is annoying and even dangerous. The fake garland avoids this worry.

4.A perfect gift

If you don’t plan to keep the flowers, you can give them gifts to those who attend the wedding. In this way, not only can waste be reduced, but reputation can be created.

5.Easy to carry

Flowers are delicate and fragile, so they are difficult to carry to preserve their beautiful shape. If you want to have a destination wedding, artificial flowers are perfect.


Flowers made of materials such as fabrics and plastics are generally lighter in weight than natural flowers, so it is easier for people to add them to decorations.

7.Save budget

Some people think that flowers are cheaper, but they have to consider that flowers are limited and periodic. For weddings held in the off-season or no flowers, ordering will be troublesome and costly. The artificial garland is a good solution.

8.No allergic reaction

For people who are allergic to flowers, artificial wreaths and bouquets make their weddings decorated with dreaming flowers.

So far, I have commented on so many reasons for choose fake wedding garlands, and perhaps you are more willing to buy artificial garlands and wreaths to bright a wedding. Of course, you can also combine them with your regular fresh flowers. If you have any interests or questions, please feel free to contact us thru [email protected]

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