5 Benefits of Using Artificial Greenery for Project Construction

For reasons such as convenience and practicality, saving time and cost, people have applied artificial greenery in various fields nowadays. The construction of large and small projects obviously also included in them. How to fully and reasonably apply artificial greening in project construction? At the same time, what benefits can it bring to it? We summarize the 5 main benefits here for you. Let’s get started right now.

Benefit 1:Add artificial greenery to block construction sites and beautify the city

Most of the time, the project’s construction process continues for a period of time, which will not be short. If it is inside the city, it will inevitably cause some impact on the overall appearance. We all understand that no matter what field it is, it takes to process and waiting before the final good results arrive. Even the most beautiful palace’s construction may be ugly or even disturbing in the process before its completion. However, we still hope to make this process more acceptable and satisfactory.


The artificial plant wall has a high density and is the best choice for providing shelter. The directly exposed construction site decorated by artificial plants could perfectly hide most messy parts and show out with a better situation to integrate itself into the city’s overall appearance.

Benefit 2:Use artificial greenery wall effectively reduce noise

In the above, we mentioned the impact of appearance on the city, and in fact, it is not the only influence on urban life in reality. Presumably, most residents have experienced the trouble and annoying moments of construction. Even though all countries have relevant regulations or complaint channels for construction to deal with noise and nuisance problems, construction noise is still a headache thing under normal situations.


Also, laying artificial plant walls on the isolation belt separating the construction site with living areas reduces noise while providing privacy. Especially the lush style can limit the spread of noise.

Benefit 3:Suitable for green construction

Above all, our artificial plants are produced with environmentally friendly materials and do not contain any heavy metals or materials that are harmful to the human body; secondly, high-quality fresh PE materials are with higher recycled content and pose a smaller burden on the environment than other plastics; Moreover, its service life is longer and more durable, so people don’t need to replace it frequently. We can guarantee that artificial plants’ life span treated with special processes can still be fresh for more than three years, even under complex conditions.

These characteristics align with the material requirements in the green construction guidelines.

Benefit 4:Economical option

Compared with real plants or other alternative products, the simulation plant wall is cost-effective; on the one hand, the simulation plant does not require human resources and material resources for maintenance. It is an instant visual enjoyment after setting up. On the other hand, artificial greenery has a long life span, which means that you can enjoy more lasting greenery for the same price.

Benefit 5:Highly safe artificial greenery

fire-rated artificial plantsnon-heavy-metal artificial greeneryUV-PROTECTION Plants

For the construction team, safety is an important element that they must consider first. We recommend fire retardant products because, in fact, there is currently no plant product that is completely fireproof in the industry. Instead, flame retardant materials are added to achieve practical effects. Assuming an accident occurs in a construction place, the fire will no longer spread after climbing to the wall covered with artificial plants, which is definitely a breakthrough.

Any artificial greenery plants recommendation?

1. Artificial foliage wall

The leaves are vivid and lush, visually more beautiful and dreamy. We can make it into various styles, such as tropical or refreshing, and they present different effects.

UV-treated blades can maintain a life span of 3-5 years even in the face of outdoor sunlight.

2. Faux grass roll

As made Of fresh PVC material, the artificial grass roll presents a realistic-looking. It’s most suitable for outdoor use with over two years lifespan, owing to UV protection.

Up to now, I guess you have known why to apply artificial greenery in project construction. If you want to learn more about Sunwing products, please feel free to contact us thru [email protected] for a free catalog, and we will answer any questions you have in time.

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