4 Features of Preserved Moss That You Need to Know

4 Features of Preserved Moss That You Need to Know

Preserved moss is a rising star in interior landscape design. It must not be a stranger to you, if you either work in the architecture design industry, or dealing with business related with gardening or landscape. But, do you really understand this kind of newly emerging product? What’s its feature? Why choose it?As a professional reindeer moss manufacturer, we, Sunwing Industries, would like to help. After reading this article, hope you can find the answer.

SUNWING preserved moss mats are manufactured by the original natural moss collected from remote mountains. By dehydration and recreation, we restored the reindeer moss’s actual appearance in the wild and turned it into a residential & commercial landscape. It gradually becomes the interior designers’ favorite for its features as below:

Easy installation

The installation step is very easy, all you need to do is: First, unpack the flake moss; then choose a suitable location and fix it to the wall with an air nail gun. In general, use an air nail gun to improve the four corners and each flake moss center. If the wall pattern is complicated, Sunwing will provide an installation drawing to mark each moss’s location. Mark the numbers or letters on the back of them and fix them to the wall’s order on the drawing. If the reindeer moss is to fall off on the bottom due to transportation or other reasons, you can use a hot melt gun or universal glue to re-fix it to the base plate.

easy installation for preserved moss

Multiple color

Using professional reactive dyes, Sunwing can provide pure color moss in 10 standard colors such as green, yellow, blue, and red, which can meet most ordinary users’ needs. A small number of customers have some special requirements for product colors; as long as meeting a certain amount of purchase, we can complete this point.

mutiple color for preserved moss

Little Maintenance

It does not need any kind of maintenance for several years. This preserved natural moss is hand-picked from nature and processed for a richer look, softer feel and a fresher appearance than original moss – it even retains water. That means they do not require watering, and they do not require soil and fertilizer neither. What’s more, they are dust-free, as they do not have static electricity.

Environment friendly

Moss can absorb excess noises and heavy metals, helping to bring the forest indoors with its natural look. Due to the fresh greenery, it has a calming and relaxing effect no matter it’s a small moss panel or a large moss wall. It may even contribute to regulating the room climate.


Above are the major benefits of preserved moss. In a word, they are a valuable product worthy of trying. If you are interested in, We Sunwing provide such forms of preserved natural moss.

moss-in-box flake-moss framed-moss-wall
Box moss: The most basic reindeer moss panels we can provide is in bulk and sold in the form of weighing. Bulk moss is easy to use in various designs. With the help of mature dyeing technology, we can provide consumers with multiple colors for easy matching. Preserved moss wall: If you want to use it for a large area quickly, this 50*50 cm size moss is more convenient. The softback is easy to cut to the required size, suitable for wall or floor decoration. Framed moss: Compared with other forms, the framed reindeer moss panels are more like a work of art decoration, which can play a good embellishment effect on the blank wall. Of course, you can select color and size.

So far, if you still have some questions about moss, please feel free to contact us thru [email protected] for a free catalog with pricing, and we will answer any questions you have in time.

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