4 Facts You Must Know About Global Artificial Tree Market 2020

2020 is undoubtedly a special and difficult year, both for individuals and all industries. The slowdown in world economic growth has also impacted the artificial trees industry, but it still maintains a relatively optimistic growth. Analysts believe that the artificial tree and plant market will further expand in the next few years.

Who is the main buyer?

According to data from Ali, even when the growth in 2020 is not optimistic, the largest number of fake tree buyers will still be the United States, and India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Canada are following, all of which have increased significantly. In particular, the size of Canadian buyers increased by 41.1% from the previous period.

What are the most imported artificial trees types?

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and the diversification of demand, people can use artificial plants on more and more occasions, and there are also more and more appearance types.

artificial trees in pots

In terms of materials:

Plastic fake trees are obviously still the mainstream. Above all, compared with natural plants, artificial plants can solve the troubles of planting and maintenance. Furthermore, they can also neglect the environment’s impact and stay beautiful green and vigorous vitality for a long time. All these are factors that customers will consider and care about.

Therefore, PE materials that are UV-engineered and flame retardant are often very popular. Even if the price is slightly higher than other plastic materials, high quality and safety are always factors that import buyers will attach importance to.

Also, materials such as silk and fiber are prevalent.

In terms of usage:

The fake tree used for Christmas decoration has an unshakable status. According to data from the American Christmas Tree Association, in 2019, nearly 96 million American families in the United States will display a Christmas tree in their homes to celebrate the holiday, which accounts for 47% of American families. Among them, up to 81% are artificial trees, and only 19% are natural trees.

This result is not surprising. The average cost of artificial Christmas trees is much lower than that of real trees. It is easier to maintain and easy to use. According to reports, there are more than 200 fires caused by Christmas trees in the United States every year that account for 10 deaths annually. This is why the flame retardant properties of artificial trees are so important.

artificial Christmas trees

Also, the decoration of exhibitions, commercial venues, and home interiors is essential. Plants in pots as small as those placed on the table, trees as large as filling the entire floor, occupy a place in the import and export market.

Where are artificial trees, mainly produced and exported?

Due to the increase in demand for simulated plants, fake trees and plants’ production areas are also increasing. The countries that produce and export include the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, etc. The most important production country is still China, which accounts for more than 90% of the total.

Pie Chart of Artificial Plant Exporting Countries

Which Chinese artificial trees companies are worth choosing?

As the most important exporter of artificial trees and plants, China has many wholesalers and suppliers, and it is worth thinking about how to choose a trustworthy partner from them to obtain a win-win business. Below are several leading suppliers for reference.

  • Sunwing Industries Ltd.

Sunwing Industries Ltd., established in 2003, is a leading artificial plant manufacturer & exporter and begins to get involved in more artificial plants wholesale supply to respond to overseas clients’ increasing demands.

With its own factory commit to deliver premium UV&Fire retardant artificial trees, grass, hedges plants to benefit businesses or brands all over global.

  • Guangzhou Songtao Artificial Tree Co. Ltd.

One of China’s main simulation tree manufacturers and suppliers was born in 2013, .with its own factory, provide a series of services for design, production, wholesale, installation, and maintenance.

  • Share trade Artificial Plant and Tree Co. Ltd

Share trade is one of the main Chinese artificial plant manufacturers, specializing in manufacturing and selling artificial plants such as artificial trees, flowers, ferns, and plant walls for catering services, film sets, home, office decoration, etc.

  • Guangzhou Shengjie Artificial Plants Ltd.

Shengjie is one of the main artificial tree suppliers in China, with many years of history in the industry and a wide range of products.

The main products include artificial tree series, artificial green sculpture series, artificial plant wall series, artificial flower field, grass field series, etc.


Whether in terms of cost or profit, importing artificial trees and plants from China is still the first choice. Selecting the right suppliers and manufacturers and high-quality products base on the needs is always the right way.

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