4 Artificial Wall Hedge Decoration Ideas in 2020

4 Artificial Wall Hedge Decoration Ideas in 2020

Have you ever heard of the product “artificial wall hedge”? If you are a landscaper, a designer, or a decorator, you must be quite familiar with it. It’s a newly emerging fashion trend in indoor/outdoor decoration. As you can see from the word “wall” +” hedge.” In one way, it can decorate the wall and beautify the space. On the other hand, it can work as a hedge to keep privacy.

Before we go through the ideas, let’s quickly get a glimpse of the reasons why we recommend you have a try:

• Minimum Maintenance

When compared with their real counterparts, artificial hedges require absolutely minimal maintenance. They don’t need water and soil, and they don’t need your care in some ways. They can maintain their greenery and thickness all year round, and they will never encounter issues such as leaf withering or grass overgrown.

• Long Lasting

Most artificial hedges are made of materials that are UV resistant, so they are not afraid of long-time sun exposure. In this way, they can be installed outdoors with no risk of ruin for several years.

• Instant Effect 

It may cause at least several years for them to grow to their full height for real plant walls. When it comes to the artificial ones, only a few moments are needs to install them and enjoy the beauty of greenery. By the way, manufacturers can customize the wall hedge according to different needs. Your imagination only limits Their potential.

In conclusion, an artificial wall hedge is a great way to decorate your indoor or outdoor space. Now, let’s have a look at 4 popular artificial hedge decoration ideas in 2020.

For Restaurant

Artificial Wall Hedge Decoration in Restaurant

In which aspects will you evaluate a restaurant? Other than taste and service, dining environments must be on the list of priorities. Faux wall hedge is a newly emerging wall decoration method. As people in the cities get more and more isolated from the natural world, their desire to maintain a connection with nature becomes stronger. And this kind of decoration can fill their need when they enjoy tasty food.

For Office

Artificial Wall Hedge Decoration in Office

We spend most of our day at the office. The work environment plays an important role in self-discipline and internal motivation. But which word will come to your mind first when we mention the office? SERIOUS, DULL, BORING…? That seems not so good. What about ENERGY, PASSION, VITALITY? With the faux wall hedge, you can enjoy a bright new working experience. It can make us more comfortable and relaxed and encourage a healthier “work-style.”

For Backyard

Artificial plant wall plays multiple roles when settled in the backyard. The first, of course, is to keep privacy. They help to provide that extra privacy while you are outdoors enjoying the sun or relaxing in your own backyard. Second, different from the traditional iron fence, they are good looking. They can enhance the look of your backyard space for several years without color fading since the material of most hedges is UV and water-resistant.

Artificial Wall Hedge Decoration in Backyard

For Celebration Event Occasion

Artificial wall hedges are making their way into popular events. Event management and wedding organizers have long used wall hedges for aesthetic purposes, as they provide an immediate calming and soothing effect. In the past, they use real plants, which have definitely a positive impact on the environment. However, real plants are difficult to construct and maintain. Therefore, artificial hedge decoration becomes a good alternative. They are easier to transport, and design customization is available.

Artificial Wall Hedge Decoration for Event

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