3 Reasons for Choosing Sunwing Artificial Hedge

3 Reasons for Choosing Sunwing Artificial Hedge

Sunwing Industries Ltd. has been a professional and leading artificial hedge manufacturer in China for years to come. With the aim to become a world-renowned artificial plants supplier, it is committed to win-win options while seeking for sustainable development.

We sincerely welcome wholesalers and retailers as well as dealers from all over the world to cooperate with us. Still hesitating? I’ll give you 3 reasons to choose us.

Reason 1: Audited Product Quality

Heavy metal free—We use 100% fresh new PE material, which belongs to the environmental protection material and has passed the quality inspection by the authority institution. What’s more, our artificial plants have also passed the heavy metal test– no heavy metal at all. We always believe that people’s health and safety are the absolute priority rather than profit, so you may just rest assured about health issues.

Fire retardant optionalWe can add flame retardant materials during the production with regard to the artificial box hedging. We recommend you to choose level B flame-retardant hedges to ensure public safety if using the products in commercial projects. Anyhow, the price of flame-retardant boxwood hedge is slightly higher than that of ordinary ones, because after all, it is a customized product.

UV-stability available—We all know that artificial boxwood hedge is popular all over the world due to its classic appearance and free maintenance.  In light of foliage UV protection, under normal conditions, our products are able to last full 3 years outdoors without any discoloration or fading. But you can expect them to last longer with a least 5-year lifespan, especially indoors. So if you choose our products, just rest assured that they will be absolutely able to stay vibrant or evergreen against the sunlight for a long time.

Eurofins Flammability and Lead Test SGS UV Test SGS Heavy Mental Test
Eurofins Flammability and Lead Test SGS UV Test SGS Heavy Metal Test

Excellent Detail Processing—High density up to 99% coverage, burr free, stereoscopic 4-layer foliage, heavy weight about 0.5kg one piece…Sunwing pays great attention to the detail of raw material, backings and leaves. It always commits to manufacturing hyper realistic artificial hedges, hoping to provide best products and services.

Heavy Weight for Sunwing Artificial Hedge

More Stereoscopic for Sunwing Artificial Hedge

Reason 2: Factory Direct Price

It is a common sense that buying from the factory can save a lot of money without the added costs associated with middlemen. Sunwing artificial hedges manufacturer is equipped with nearly 60 sets of machines with 110 molds to produce up to 800,000 square meters, which greatly surpass peers. Sunwing has its own warehousing system to ensure the quality of artificial plants. The factory is GMP, COC certified for better manufacturing.

By the way, Sunwing factory control the source of raw materials strictly and only import them from the qualified institution. In this way, the luster and brightness of the final goods can be guaranteed.

Sunwing Artificial Hedge Factory

Reason 3: Customized design service

color options of Sunwing artificial hedge

No matter size or color, Sunwing can customize the product according to your different needs. Take the item A006 for example, regularly, we make lifelike boxwood in two colors mix– lush green and warm yellow, which indicates an early autumn scene. In detail, the bottom of leaves is green, while the tip is yellow. Besides, catering to diverse needs for colors, red, orange, yellow, purple– total seven colors can be your choice. This colorful type of artificial box hedge is flexible and best to create a rainbow green wall landscape.

After the list of 3 reasons, have you made up your mind in cooperating with us? If not yet, you can check our clients’ work below, our artificial hedges can be installed in several occasion to upgrade the project:

Main Application

Main Application for Sunwing Artificial Hedge

In a conclusion, whether for instant screening, covering unsightly surfaces or spaces, building stylish hedges or decorative wall panels, our artificial box hedging will be your choice. Feel free to contact us thru [email protected]

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