3 Aspects to Evaluate the Quality of Artificial Boxwood Hedges

3 Aspects to Evaluate the Quality of Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Artificial boxwood hedge is no longer a new concept to most of us. Nowadays, as the pace of life accelerates, people have less and less leisure time. Thus, their desire to get closer to nature become stronger. Faux hedge panels can meet their demand towards “nature” with little maintenance and care. They don’t need sunshine or water and can be put almost everywhere. All the above result in the popularity of such product. But, how to choose boxwood hedges? How to evaluate the quality? Let’s move forward.

You can check the three major aspects below to evaluate quality:

1, The Material

New PE or Old PE?

There are two kinds of PE materials, one is fresh, the other is old. If the fake boxwood panels are made from old PE, then it will smell bad and cannot be consistent. High-quality artificial boxwood hedges are made from 100% fresh PE without any chemical odor. We Sunwing control the source of raw materials and only import them from a qualified institution. In other words, we only purchase 100% fresh new PE with authority certification. In this way, the fresh PE ensures the luster and brightness of the follow-up artificial hedges. Rest assured that we don’t use recycled PE that will present a poor appearance at first sight.


UV-Protection or not?

The UV resistant boxwood panels are made by adding anti-UV powder, the quantity and quality of the powder is important. Under normal conditions, in light of foliage UV protection, artificial hedges can last full three years outdoors. But you can expect them to last longer with a least 5-year lifespan, mostly indoors. In contrast, those hedges mading without UV-protection function will fade easily.

2, The Workmanship

Detail processing can never be ignored, it’s an important element to evaluate the quality of the hedge panel. We often pay attention to these details:

Color: Fresh or dark? The leaves of qualified artificial boxwood hedges look natural and vivid green. Especially in the distance, you can hardly set them apart from real plants.

Surface: burr-free or not? Good quality panels will show a complete and clear appearance, but those in poor quality may have small holes and burr in the leaves.

Exterior: 3 layers or 4 layers? The height of hedges will also differ according to different levels of quality. Generally speaking, quality plants are higher and more stereoscopic.

Weight: Heavy or Light? The weight is an important aspect to evaluate the quality of artificial boxwood hedges. Some manufacturers cut corners on materials to make more profits, so their defective products are usually lighter. So, keep tab on the weight, you can find something hidden behind the numbers. In Sunwing, where we always put priority to quality, the heavyweight is about 0.5kg one piece.

Edge: Smooth or Rough? Fake boxwood hedges with pool quality feel rough when touching the surface. On the contrary, good quality hedges give you a smooth feeling.

3, The Certificate

Most people rest assured on those products with certificates, especially those authorized by famous audit organization. So, when purchasing boxwood hedges, don’t forget to ask if there is any certificate to prove the quality.

SGS-UV-Test SGS-Rohs-Test SGS-Heavy-Mental-Test Eurofins-Flammability-and-Lead-Test
SGS-UV-Test SGS-Rohs-Test SGS-Heavy-Mental-Test Eurofins-Flammability-and-Lead-Test

Exploring the artificial plants market for over 15 years, Sunwing has become a reputed artificial plant supplier in China especially for artificial hedges. If you want to learn more about Sunwing products, please feel free to contact us thru [email protected] for a free catalog, and we will answer any questions you have in time.

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