3 Aspects to Consider When Choosing Artificial Hedge Screen for Privacy

3 Aspects to Consider When Choosing Artificial Hedge Screen for Privacy

Artificial Hedge Screen is a beautiful and modern way to add nature to urban environments. Lush and green without watering or trimming, it is definitely the perfect zero-maintenance greenery to add to your residential area. What’s more, other than providing a chic look, they are also functional. It can act as a barrier to provide privacy, shade and space.

So, if you put privacy in priority when choosing artificial hedges, what should you take into consideration? Please put style, materials aside for a while, let’s take a look at the 3 aspects that may influence the privacy effect of the artificial screening wall.

First, density

This is quite easy to understand. The density of the hedge screen plays the most important role in demanding the privacy effect of the product. For different preference, Sunwing has come out two available options of artificial ivy rolls for clients to choose from. The main difference between the two is the density of leaf distribution. The first leaf is relatively sparse, and the second leaf is relatively dense. You can choose one of them according to your needs for shading.

fake ivy fence roll lush faux Ivy fence privacy
Sparse Style Dense Style

artificial boxwood hedges A001

Also, take our artificial boxwood hedge Item A001 for example. It can have high density up to 99% coverage, stereoscopic 4-layer foliage and heavy weight about 0.5kg one piece. In this way, the privacy character is excellent. So, rest assured– if you want the hedges to screen off your private space, it must commit to your demand.

Second, leaf type

Boxwood and ivy are the two most popular leaves for artificial hedge screen nowadays. Boxwood is modern and simplistic; it is a classic type of foliage that can be used on its own or mixed with almost any other foliage. It is common to use artificial boxwood for privacy walls on a private patio or roof-top balcony. Ivy fences, a boxwood hedge alternative, are becoming more and popular for both interior and exterior. They are neat and vivid, and can often be seen in the backyard. Normally, the density of artificial boxwood hedge is a little bit higher than ivy fences, so it works better in privacy. But, as mentioned above, we also provide high density ivy fence which can still work as a privacy screen.

outdoor use with artificial boxwood hedges artificial lattice fence screen
boxwood ivy

Third, backing

Sunwing has two kinds of fence screen ivy products available – One is expandable lattice trellis and the other one is flexible ivy fence roll.

Sunwing artificial ivy trellis’s backing is composed of grid structure, perfect for adding privacy to the exterior walls or fences. The back plastic grid is difficult to tear apart and can be expanded to provide a large screen. In comparison, Sunwing artificial ivy roll has a firm plastic net structure. The plastic net structure is steady as well as flexible, easy for package and installation. Meanwhile, the mesh backing allows air to flow. You can get instant privacy by simply connect these ivy rolls to the existing fence or garden wall. Generally speaking, ivy fence roll has a higher density than trellis.

Above are the tips you should keep an eye on when choosing artificial hedge screen for privacy. Here, we strongly recommend you to consider Sunwing as your business partner. Our products must be the ideal choice for covering any unsightly views and keep your private life in private.

Artificial Ivy Trellis extended ivy fence roll
Artificial Ivy Trellis Artificial Ivy Fence Roll

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