10 Artificial Fences Ideas For Your House

The artificial fences have multiple functions. On the one hand, You can use them to decorate and improve the external “face” of the house, and at the same time to well cover up the ugly appearance of neighboring homes. On the other hand, they can help define your space and help break down space by adding dynamic aesthetic elements. They will beautify your outdoor area, and visually you can always admire the vine-covered lattice, the cleverly trimmed shrubs, and even the lush tropical plants, etc.

But, most importantly, their work also increases privacy. Technically speaking, denser artificial branches and leaves are enough to protect your privacy from stranger’s sight. When choosing a suitable artificial fence, you need to consider factors such as service life, durability, ease of maintenance and repair, and overall style and budget constraints. Now, here are ten inspiring ideas for the artificial fence. Check them out!

1. Artificial Boxwood Greenery Panels

Now, this artificial boxwood hedge with myrtle foliage is very popular, and customers can easily install it on the railing to add beauty and cover all unsightly parts.



  • Color options
  • Oblique insertion
  • Over 92% density

2. Artificial Living fences with Ivy Foliage

When you install this panel on a wall or railing, the bright green leaves of ivy will add beauty to your yard. Simultaneously, the product itself uses UV proof materials to make its life longer and not easy to fade.privacy-hedging-fence


  • Flame-retardant
  • Environmental friendly without evident irritating smell
  • UV-treated

3. Unique Fake Fences Covering with Red Maple Leaves

This artificial fence is unique in that it retains the most beautiful natural color of autumn-the red of maple leaf for a long time. The high-quality materials make the blades luxurious and realistic, eliminating the trouble of maintenance and saving costs.artificial-fence-application


  • UV stable and fire retardant
  • Outdoor animals free
  • Large screen coverage


4. Artificial Foliage Wall with Summer Style Leaves

This layout combines long orchid leaves, lush moss-like ground clover, and mysterious purple lavenders, making the abstract pattern colorful.



  • Cost-effective alternative to natural planting
  • UV stable and fire retardant
  • Maintenance-free

5. Artificial Leaf Hedges for Fence Privacy Screen

The vivid and exceptionally lifelike artificial leaf hedges are perfect solutions for adding privacy. If you are garden suppliers, don’t miss this option.artificial-fence-outdoor


  • Lush, realistic foliage
  • UV-treated material suitable for exterior privacy screen
  • Diverse designs and multiple color options


6. UV Treated Artificial Grass Wall

This product is an economical and straightforward fence scheme, which can significantly reduce the budget, and because of its lightweight, one can apply it at two sides of the fence to beautify the yard or the garden.



  • UV stable
  • Fire retardant
  • various color options

7. Artificial Ivy Trellis

You can choose ivy trellis of different materials, silk, PE, and even styles with artificial flowers based on different needs. The back plastic grid is difficult to tear apart and can be expanded to provide a large screen.



  • UV stable
  • Expandable structure to fit needs

8. Artificial Ivy Fences Roll

You can use this kind of artificial fence roll to cover unsightly building parts or partition spaces. On the one hand, it is easy to store and install, and on the other hand, it is light and has an absolute privacy protection function.

artificial fences ivy roll


  • UV-treated
  • Different options of dense
  • Various size options

9. Artificial Hedges in Planters

Compared with other types of fences that need to be installed on walls or railings, obviously, this kind of in planters has irreplaceable advantages. You can move it at will to get the best use effect; whether it is redefining the space or beautifying the indoor and outdoor environment will not let you down.

Artificial Hedge in PlanterAdvantages

  • 100% Fresh new PE materials with SGS certificate
  • UV treated, fire retardant & waterproof functions
  • Long-lasting, fade-free lifespan
  • Variable choices, custom selection

10. Artificial Garden Panels Tropical Wonderland

These artificial garden panels are with lush green leaves, colorful flowers, such as fern leaves, flamingo lilies, blue, purple, white flowers, etc. Tyr to create a miniature tropical wonderland on your wall.



  • Color richness
  • UV protection
  • DIY design


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